‘Beyond The Mask’ Is A Revolutionary Adventure With A Message

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
‘Beyond The Mask’ Is A Revolutionary Adventure With A Message

“Beyond the Mask” is a solid family entertainment film, full of excitement and thrill. The movie is not like the typical films, as it is without the usual gore, sex and sacrilege. It also has a Christian message.Read to know more details.

The primary story of “Beyond the Mask” revolves around William Reynolds (Andrew Cheney) who was a hired assassin for the powerful East India Company back in pre-Revolutionary days, reported the Huffington Post. Now, Reynolds wanted to come out this career, but Charles Kemp (John Rhys-Davis), the head of the East India Company, do not like that. Therefore, Kemp sends people to kill Reynolds, who injured him severely. Charlotte Holloway (Kara Killmer) and her family took care of him and bring him back to heath. Reynold’s primary aim in life is to make amends or reparation for his past sins and to be worthy of the love he developed for Charlotte.

The plot of “Beyond the Mask” catches the interest of the audience from the beginning, and the film has good special effects. Andrew Cheney and John Rhys-Davis have played their role perfectly. The other cast of the film seems to be submissive when compared to Andrew and Rhys-Davies.

“Beyond the Mask” fearlessly climbs up on the same stage as “National Treasure” and “Zorro” with a story that’s two parts historical fiction, one part romance and one part Sunday school flannelgraph lesson,” reported Plugged In.

The first part of the film has a lot of conflict and violence, where as the last part of the film reveals Christ-centered themes. The film has two tenderly kissing scenes of William and Charlotte, and does not include any sexual content.

“Beyond the Mask” film is rated PG for violence. The efforts of Director Chad Burns and Screenwriter Paul McCusker are to be appreciated.

This revolutionary Christian action-adventure romance film is great to watch with your entire family. It can definitely hold your interest as it has enough action and as well as a moral message.

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