Bieber could be prosecuted over alleged Battery

By admin | 6 years ago

Canadian teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is alleged to have spit in one of his neighbors faces’ and to have threatened the same neighbor that he would kill him. Due to this, a neighbor filed an official complaint with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The latest rumor in the case is that the pop singer could be facing prosecution over the incident as it is reported that the LACSD will recommend to the District Attorney to prosecute the singer. One source has said that the singer could face criminal battery charges when the sheriff’s department finally hands the case to the DA for review.

Last Tuesday, Bieber allegedly became physically aggressive in an incident with a neighbor when the neighbor suggested to Bieber that he should stop driving so erratic because it was bothering and endangering neighbors.

The neighbor who complained is a 47-year old father of three. One reason prosecutors are considering moving forward is due to other incidents being reported about Bieber including reckless driving, speeding tickets and fights.

One law enforcement source said investigators seem to feel that singer has not shown any regard for the law. In the Tuesday incident, Bieber allegedly threatened to kill the neighbor and is alleged to have spit in the neighbor’s face while screaming at him.

Security personnel for Bieber insisted that no physical contact took place between Bieber and the neighbor nevertheless, the neighbor decided to file the battery charge.

Bieber was visited by members of the sheriff department’s investigative team in his mansion.

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