Justin Bieber refuses to apologize to Selena for the mean texts he sent to her

By admin | 4 years ago

Like we told you yesterday, Justin Bieber has been acting out a lot this past week, or couple of weeks with his egging incident. But recently her sent his girlfriend, Selena Gomez a handful of mean and insulting texts after she told Justin to do something about his drug problem.

Justin responded with some mean texts, abusing her in the process and both of them ending the conversation with what seems to be a break up. Looks like their two weeks of romance was short lived — it’s a shame, they really do go well together.

Justin and Selena
Adding insult to injury, Bieber refuses to apologize to her, saying that apology ‘is not his thing’. He knows that he can get Selena back just by being nice to her and therefore seems to be playing with her emotions and manipulating her to his advantage.

A source close to Selena has stated that she won’t tolerating any of this, but then again, there are other reports that state that Selena too has to be blamed a bit as she is just conscious of the fact that their hideous conversation has surfaced and now her reputation may lean more towards desperation.

“Overall, it shows her in a good light, trying to help, and as more of the victim,” the source continued. “She’s not as mortified because Justin looks like the bad guy. She just hates that it’s out, and that she looks desperate and naïve.”

While her team has told us the texts are not real, Selena will stand by him through any drama that comes their way.

“She still loves him, and is very torn, but will be staying close to him to try to make him go to rehab. She has so many mixed emotions right now,” the source added.

What do you people think? Should Selena simply get over with Bieber’s drama, or should she stay and make things right by helping him go to rehab?

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