The Big Bang Theory Prequel: Expectations from Sheldon Centric Prequel Series

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
The Big Bang Theory Prequel: Expectations from Sheldon Centric Prequel Series

The Big Bang Theory has had a great run for the last ten seasons. From Leonard, Sheldon being the amazing best friends/roommates to Penny becoming Leonard’s wife, every character in the TV series has something special to do.

Going by the success of the show, it seems the makers will now be exploring a little bit of the previous life of one of the most important characters in the series. Since Sheldon is practically the most important part of the show, a prequel based on the younger version of his character is being planned and fans would just love to see what exactly led to Sheldon becoming who he is currently.

So, it is really exciting to see a younger or probably a teenage version of Sheldon.

Reasons Why The Big Bang Theory Prequel Will Be A Good One

Younger days. The first thing fans will expect to see in the prequel would be Sheldon’s younger days. Since on the current show, he has spoken about how big of a genius he is, the prequel would do the necessary part by showing how much of a genius Sheldon was when he was young. So going to college when he was around 11 could be covered in it and how socially awkward he was can also be shown.


How much of a nerd Sheldon was is the second thing that fans might want to see. One can imagine Sheldon sitting alone in his room working on theories about space-time continuum and other impressive and complex phenomena when kids his age are busy playing ball.

There also could be reference to his current self. The younger him could be seen determining how quickly he will get his PhD or how quickly he will become the youngest boy to win a Noble prize.

Lack Of Understanding Of Irony

When an adult Sheldon cannot understand irony, how would the younger him understand? The prequel could have multiple instances that could show Sheldon’s inability to understand irony and how much of a comical situation that created for him.

Finally, the three knocks. Perhaps, the most recognizable attribute of Sheldon is the three knocks. Some episodes back Sheldon explained to Penny why he knocks three times and in the series, maybe the incident could be revealed only to disturb Sheldon forever.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that a prequel based on Sheldon is currently being developed at CBS. Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon right now will be serving as an executive producer as the protagonist will be a younger or teenaged version of Sheldon.

The Big Bang Theory is currently airing its tenth season.

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