Big Bang Theory Scoop: Rihanna, JLo and Lisa Kudrow As Guests

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Big Bang Theory Scoop: Rihanna, JLo and Lisa Kudrow As Guests
From Jim Parsons’ Instagram

The Big Bang Theory” is currently on hiatus for a couple of weeks, but one of its lead stars, Jim Parsons, is still quite busy making the press rounds. He’s promoting his latest movie “Home,” the animation with Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, and in one of the interviews, the TV star admits he’d like these women to be on his TV show.

Although he said this in jest in an interview with E! Online, Parsons actually sounded quite excited about the prospect of either Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez (or JLo) appearing as guests on his CBS hit series “The Big Bang Theory.” In fact, he suggests Rihanna could play a nuclear physicist while JLo could play an English professor. The women, on the other hand, seemed to love the idea as well and willingly said they would play the geeks if asked. It’s sounding like perfect casting already!

Meanwhile, Parsons also told the press via UPI that he actually has a dream guest star for his sitcom. The Emmy winner, who just turned 42 years old this week, would actually want “Friends” actress Lisa Kudrow to drop in on the CBS set.

“I’ve always thought about [Kudrow] for the show. I don’t know in what part. I’ll leave that to the writers, but I just am a big fan of hers and I would love them to have her on,” Parsons revealed at the press junket.

Will Chuck Lorre, the show’s executive producer, give in to Parsons’ suggestions?

“The Big Bang Theory” continues to be a rating winner for CBS after eight years on an air, according to Variety and the show has already been renewed up to Season 10. When it returns from its hiatus on Apr. 2, 2015,  Parson’s character, Sheldon, will be swinging by the Skywalker ranch owned by “Star Wars” creator George Lucas. The famed producer and director will think he’s a crazy fan.

Meanwhile, Parsons will remain busy at the movies until the end of this week when “Home” finally opens in theaters this Friday, March 27. In the animation, he voices the character of Oh, the alien who becomes friends with Tip (Rihanna).

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Photo Source: Instagram/Jim Parsons

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