The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Spoilers: Will Amy Accept Sheldon’s Proposal?

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Spoilers: Will Amy Accept Sheldon’s Proposal?
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The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for an eleventh season. With the previous season leaving fans with a major cliffhanger, the upcoming events of the new season are highly anticipated.

This cliffhanger revolves around one of the lead couples Amy and Sheldon who have been on an amazing journey in the show.

Amy and Sheldon season 11 update

Entertainment Weekly spoke about what will happen to Amy and Sheldon once the new season begins. According to the outlet, in the previous season’s finale, Sheldon proposed to Amy at Princeton.

While her response was not revealed, the show’s executive producer offered a hint. According to Steve Molaro, even if Amy says yes to Sheldon, the most important thing at their wedding would be their attire. Are they going to wear Star Trek uniforms or not?

Sheldon proposing to Amy is indeed a big step for the couple considering how slowly their relationship has progressed on the show. They have gone from scientific intellectuals to friends then turn lovers.

Season 10 flashback

Inquisitr gave a detailed account of what occurred in the previous season that led to Sheldon proposing. According to the outlet, after Sheldon’s longtime admirer Dr. Ramona Nowitzki kissed him, he excused himself and rushed to the airport.

He took a flight to Princeton where Amy will be staying for the next three months. Having reached her apartment, he knocked on her door and got down on one knee.

While fans were as surprised as Amy was, her answer will only be revealed in the new season.

Will Amy say yes?

The real question now is if Amy will say yes or not. It should be noted that Sheldon might just be acting impulsively.

On the other hand, being kissed by someone else would have somehow led to him realizing that it is only Amy that he sees himself with.

There seems to be a huge chance that she will say yes to him because she really loves Sheldon.

But since her current living situation and career would affect her decision, she would perhaps want to think this through.

Other possibilities

Just in case she does not immediately say yes to Sheldon, there are other routes as well where the couple can go. They can mutually decide to put the proposal on hold for some time before they can figure things out.

Since Amy will be in Princeton for a few months, she and Sheldon will not be able to carry on with their lives right after the proposal. She will perhaps choose to finish her stint in Princeton first and then get back to her life with Sheldon.

If not this, then the two might decide to move in together first before committing to each other.


The Big Bang Theory revolves around a group of science geniuses. Comprising of Leonard, Sheldon, Rajesh and Howard, their life changes when chirpy aspiring actress called Penny enters their life.

After a considerable amount of tease, the show finally debuted Leonard and Penny as a couple. The two had multiple romantic stints with each other before realizing that they had indeed fallen in love.

Since the first season, the group of friends has indeed changed drastically. They have all been in relationships, scaled new heights professionally and have grown together as friends.

Premiere date

The Big Bang Theory season 11 will premiere this year on September 25 on CBS.


Photo source: Facebook/The Big Bang Theory

Facebook/The Big Bang Theory

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