‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 9 Major Spoilers: Is Shamy Back For Good?

By Charmie Nalzaro | 2 years ago
‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 9 Major Spoilers: Is Shamy Back For Good?
The Big Bang Theory

Fans of the couple, Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler or Shamy, have been distressed since the pilot episode of The Big Bang Theory’s ninth season. Why? It’s because the adorable couple broke up and until now, they still haven’t made up. What makes it worse is the fact that Sheldon has been planning on proposing to Amy. And now that they are no longer together, will we be able to see a married Sheldon Cooper? Will we still see any Shamy moments on the show?

The previous episodes of the ‘The Big Bang Theory’ have shown us Amy dating guys and trying to move on. We also saw Sheldon still hung up on Amy, to the surprise of most fans since Sheldon is not someone you would think would trouble himself over love matters. Fans were still not able to see any development from the two in the show’s episode 8 but will that change?

According to The Big Bang Theory Wikia, the ninth episode entitled ‘The Platonic Permutation’ will finally show us Shamy interactions. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ spoilers teases that Sheldon and Amy will go on a lunch date for Thanksgiving but only as friends. It was revealed that while driving to the aquarium, these two lovable people will have an interesting conversation. Sheldon will ask Amy questions and Amy does the same thing.

While the two are trying to catch up, the rest of the gang are celebrating Thanksgiving as well. Leonard and Penny will spend Thanksgiving together as married couple now. Things start to heat up as the two started to say things they know about each other. It will then be revealed that Leonard was able to read Penny’s journal which he felt guilty about. To make up for that, he decided to wear the orange lingerie which he gave to Penny before. On the other hand, Howard, Bernadette, and Raj decided to celebrate Thanksgiving by feeding the homeless. We will also see Emily, Raj’s girlfriend, in this episode.


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