‘Big Bang Theory’ Season 9 Spoilers: Sheldon Finds Amy with Another Man; Penny and Leonard Call It Quits

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
‘Big Bang Theory’ Season 9 Spoilers: Sheldon Finds Amy with Another Man; Penny and Leonard Call It Quits
‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 9 Spoilers, Cast Updates and Release Date: Will Sheldon Go the Distance and Make it Work with Amy?

“Big Bang Theory” Season 9 is just nearly a month before the CBS sitcom returns on TV. While Season 8 left many fans hanging after Amy decided to break up with Sheldon, many fans started coming up with several plot theories and speculations for the upcoming season. Will Amy find a new man? Will Penny and Leonard make it to the altar? This article contains spoilers for “Big Bang Theory.” Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Fans are excited to see the return of “Big Bang Theory” Season 9 in September, especially after the heartbreaking finale between Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons). Realty Today noted that showrunner Steve Molaro previously explored the thought of Amy finding a new love interest in the upcoming season, which will definitely open up some foreign emotions to Sheldon (Read: jealousy).

The outlet also noted that the official synopsis for the “Big Bang Theory” season 9 premiere episode revealed that Sheldon will try to work things out with Amy. Will Amy forgive him and will ShAmy fans see their reunion anytime soon?

On the other hand, fans also saw Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) headed to Vegas in the season finale of “Big Bang Theory,” however, it seems like the two encountered some mishaps along the way, as the latter confessed to kissing another girl. Will Penny and Leonard make it to the altar or will they finally call it quits?

It looks like the addition of Leonard’s “other woman” in Season 9 is almost a hint for most fans that Penny and Leonard will have some trouble in paradise. Whether they make it to Vegas or not, TVLine cited that Melissa Tang will be playing the role of Leonard’s “other woman,” Mandy.

Tang has starred in previous TV shows including “Mom,” “How I Met Your Mother” and “New Girl.”

“The Big Bang Theory” Season 9 premieres on Sept. 21 on CBS.

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