The Big Bang Theory: What will become of Leonard and Penny?

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Last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory delivered an intriguing insight into the relationship of Leonard and Penny and it also left us with some hanging questions as to what will become of them in the future episodes of the series as the show goes along.

Here are a few possibilities as to what could happen between them.

They could get engaged:
Well, given Leonard’s reluctantness to the idea of engagement, it might not be a surprise if both of them think about it knowing the Penny has dropped the big L word to Leonard in the “The 43 Peculiarity” last season.

They could simply break up:
This event can be highly likely given what last week’s episode brought to the table. If Leonard still thinks that they aren’t ready for marriage and if Penny can’t get over Leonard’s rejection we must admit this outcome though it may be sad and disappointing it is still very much realistic and given that the show does have a bit of science and realistic consideration of facts this might be the outcome which is most probable.

They move in together:
Now that Leonard has been told by Penny that she loves him as we saw in the last season of the series and noticing that both them have remained stagnant for a while we can consider that the two might be thinking of moving in together and working out and testing if both of them are a good fit for each other.

Things stay the same:
Leonard and Penny are both skilled at burying unwanted feelings. Could the two simply decide to go on as they are, and ignore the engagement elephant in the room? Though this is a possibility, it’s probably last on our list, both because of the dramatic letdown, and because we all know that burying the problem will only make it worse when it rises up again.

Find out what happens between Leonard and Penny tomorrow night as episode 13 of season 7 “The Occupation Recallibration,” airs at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

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