‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers Week 3: Is Jeff Leaving the House?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers Week 3: Is Jeff Leaving the House?
Big Brother

The Week 3 of eviction is fast-approaching on “Big Brother” 17 and things are getting really intense inside the house. Is it a done deal that Jeff is the one who’s leaving the house this week? Read below for “Big Brother 17” spoilers:

Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Clay and Shelli have formed an alliance and this group wants Jeff out of the “Big Brother” house. Meanwhile, Becky doesn’t like Jeff while Meg and Jason likes James that Jeff while there is one person who wants to keep Jeff, though, and that is Johnny Mac.

Right after John won the PoV, Vanessa freaked out and was so desperate to find a reason to have Jeff leave the “Big Brother 17” house. Thankfully, the odds worked in her favor when she got Austin, Shelli and Clay on her side who helped her expose Jeff for lying.

As of now, Austin and Vanessa are working with Liz to keep her safe until Julia can be in the game, too and they have Clay and Shelli’s alliance as well. On the other hand, Audrey has a tentative alliance with Shelli. John and Becky look happy to stay out of the whole situation happening in the “Big Brother” house and Jackie becomes the new Victoria and this brings hope to Austin to have his way with Victoria now that there’s a huge chance that Jeff will get evicted from the house this week.

Who would you like to see evicted on the show? Are you Team James or Team Jeff? Let us know why by posting your comments below!

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