‘Big Hero 6’ Baymax Will Not Be The Same Anymore In Its 2017 Sequel

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Big Hero 6’ Baymax Will Not Be The Same Anymore In Its 2017 Sequel
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Baymax of “Big Hero 6” animated movie will be seen next in a dark role for the upcoming sequel in 2017. The most loved character in the movie, Baymax has always been shown, as a protector and a friend to Hiro but the makers of the movie, it seems, want to get over the image. Read on for more details.

There are rumors that the superheroes will be featured will their dark side on, specially the ones who saved San Fransokyo from the wrath of Professor Robert Callaghan aka Yokai.

The Big Bag recently reported all about the possibility.

“All action figures from Baymax to Fred are painted with heavy black hues. This theme may actually hint a dark tone for the sequel. Tadashi is rumored to appear as a villain in “Big Hero 7.”

The outlet also said that the theme may actually hint Hiro’s struggle to fight his beloved brother. A fight between the two brothers certainly looks to be dark and emotional, necessitating less lively colored costumes to reflect the overall theme.

This certainly goes without saying that the sequel is garnering a heavy attention from all fans due to this drastic change in the script. Besides, everyone is eagerly waiting for its trailer or first look to roll out. While Tadashi, Hiro’s elder brother who was assumed dead in the previous sequels is returning too this time. But it’s no surprise as “Big Hero 6” Hiro always thought he was alive and somehow existed as a part of his own creation – Baymax.

While Entertainment Weekly broke the news reporting that Sora’s enemies will create a Dark Baymaxto spread evil. It will be built from the body left behind the portal at the end of the last movie.

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