‘Big Hero 6’ Sequel Linked To Marvel Cinematic Universe

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Big Hero 6’ Sequel Linked To Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Is the “Big Hero 6” sequel a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Things are getting really exciting!

In “Big Hero 6,” Hiro’s brother, Tadashi was killed off in the university when the fire engulfed the building. However, as per reports merging, it’s possible that Tadashi has survived the fire and in that case, he will come back as Sunfire, one of the original characters of the movie who has the ability to transform heat into plasma as per Vine Report.

If Tadashi returns, he will be on the opposing end, making him a villain. In fact, if you could remember his body wasn’t recovered in “Big Hero 6,” which makes this theory even more plausible. There is also the fact that Baymax kept on saying “Tadashi’s here.”

Sunfire is known as the Uncanny Avenger and he will lose all his human memories, which will make him go up against his own brother. This would be a tragic twist for Hiro and if Tadashi returns as villain, Hiro will face up another awful turn such as the one in “Big Hero 6” when he found Professor Callagham, whom he respected and admired so much before things took an awful twist.

So, what’s the connection of “Big Hero 6” sequel to Marvel? In “Avengers: Age of Ultron” as pointed by Reddit user Kalean, when Tony Stark was choosing a new A.I for his armour there was one label that says “Tadashi.” There is also the fact that “Big Hero 6” came from Marvel comics, which means that the movie always had a connection with Marvel.

Fans are speculating the possibility of seeing a “Big Hero 6” character in the upcoming “Avengers” movie. Stan Lee even included “Big Hero 6” sequel in the upcoming Marvel movies is the coming years.

As of now, no official date has been released for “Big Hero 6” sequel as well as plot details.

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