‘Big Hero 6’ Sequel: Tadashi Hamada Is Alive!

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
‘Big Hero 6’ Sequel: Tadashi Hamada Is Alive!
Big Hero 6

Disney’s hit animated movie “Big Hero 6” will have a sequel called “Big Hero 7.” Rumor has it that Tadashi is alive, but will be joining the forces of evil against Baymax in the second movie.

Movie Pilot reported that Disney executives are talking about creating a follow up to the highly successful movie. “Big Hero 6” might be one of the riskiest animated movie they have ever made, given the obscure concept, but their gamble has definitely paid off. According to Box Office Mojo, the movie earned more than half a billion dollars in the box office. The film was so huge that there were only two animated movies in history that surpassed it in ticket sales: “Frozen” and “The Lion King.”

Originally, Disney might have been wary of producing sequels, but given the success of Pixar and Dreamworks, the company seemed to have changed its mind.

“Big Hero 7” will reportedly revolve around Tadashi, Hero’s older brother. Now fans of the “Big Hero 6” might argue that Tadashi is not even alive. But film writer Jon Negroni teased that his dead body was never shown. Gasp!

“I’m calling it right now. He’ll be a villain of sorts in the sequel, inevitably joining the team to fully add that number,” he revealed.

This plot twist will definitely upset several fans, especially those who took Tadashi’s death hard. But you got to admit, Negroni’s point truly made sense!

Before we all get our hopes up, movie directors revealed that nothing’s final yet for the “Big Hero 7.” A sequel is definitely possible, given that both “Frozen” and “Wreck It-Ralph” will each get their own. However, speaking to Creative Writing, directors Don Hall and Chris Williams revealed that they have not started planning anything. They explained that making “Big Hero 6” had been fun, but was “pretty intense” and exhausting.

Are you excited to see the sequel to “Big Hero 6” called “Big Hero 7?” Do you think Tadashi is alive? Sound off in the comments below.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/The Walt Disney Company

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