‘Big Hero 7’ Movie Spoilers: Tadashi Was Always ‘Sunfire’; Release Set After “Guardians of The Galaxy 2”

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Big Hero 7’ Movie Spoilers: Tadashi Was Always ‘Sunfire’; Release Set After “Guardians of The Galaxy 2”

Big Hero 7” movie was confirmed by Stan Lee during an event promoting “Avengers” razor series. WARNING! These contains spoilers about the movie “Big Hero 7.” Read on for more details.

According to Master Herald, Lee confirmed they have a lot of sequels to comeback with and “Big Hero 6” movie sequel is definitely coming. According to Stan Lee’s announcements, “Big Hero 7” will be all set to release after “Guardians of The Galaxy 2” in late 2017 or early 2018.

“Big Hero” has become a real big deal and beloved series. By the end of the movie, it was thought that Tadashi had died in the fire but rumors started surfacing. It is believed that he wasn’t shown dead. Tadashi is set to return as temperamental Japanese mutant with additional ability to generate superheated plasma and fly.

“Big Hero 7” plot speculations hints at Baymax and Hiro teaming up to have an never-ending war with Tadashi’s new form, Sunfire.

Know All About Tadashi’s New Persona – ‘Sunfire’

“Big Hero 7” will bring Tadashi as arrogant and vicious Japenese mutant, Sunfire. The character  has existed since long and since then has never died! Sunfire had many battle connections in the past but all had lasted for a short period only.

Sunfire’s X-Men Connection – Tadashi’s New Past!

Before becoming Sunfire, he was known as Shiro Yoshida who lost his mother to radiation poisoning due to exposure to the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. Due to this tragic incident, Shiro with the help of his Uncle Tomo grew up to be Sunfire and developed hatred towards USA. He fought X-Men and attacked United States Capitol.

Sunfire’s father was an ambassador of UN. When Shiro saw Tomo killing his father, he sweared revenge, killed Tomo and surrendered. And since then, Sunfire’s life had been  a complete battleground.

Professor X even recruited Sunfire in X-Men Team. He first refused but had been of complete help to X-Men. X-Men and Sunfire together fought to rescue the originals from Krakoa, the Living Island. Sunfire, later fought alongside Cable, Wolverine, and the New Mutants, he battles Stryfe, and the MLF.

Later on, Sunfire becomes a member of X-Corporation, a non-government organization devoted to the protection of mutant rights.

Sunfire’s Avengers Connection – Tadashi’s Sunfire Would Not Be Easy To Kill!

Many years later, Shiro was found drunken in Tokyo alleyway by Wolverine, who offered him a spot in Avengers Unity Squad. A confrontation with the Celestial Exitar, Sunfire was killed by Kang the Conqueror, but he didn’t die.

Sunfire transformed his body into a state of pure energy that he could use to absorb most of the Celestials’ energy. Since in “Big Hero 7”, Tadashi is now believed to become Sunfire.

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