‘Big Hero 7’ Movie Ties-Up With ‘The Incredibles’ For Sequel

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
‘Big Hero 7’ Movie Ties-Up With ‘The Incredibles’ For Sequel
Big Hero 6

After winning “Best Animated Feature Oscar” in the Oscars last year, “Big Hero 6” sequel, as confirmed by Don Hall, is already on the works, and will be likely called “Big Hero 6: The Incredibles” or “Big Hero 7”.

As we previously reported, movie pilot writer John Negroni has initially speculated that “Big Hero” will focus on Hero’s older brother, Tadashi. Now, some of you might wonder how that could possibly happen when he died in the first movie. Well, Negoni believed that Tadashi is alive in “Big Hero 7.

“I’m calling it right now. He’ll be a villain of sorts in the sequel, inevitably joining the team fully to add that number (after all, ‘Big Hero 6 2’ is just weird branding),” he said.

As he goes with the golden rule, Negroni reiterates “If there’s no body, that character is alive.” There was definitey a burial for Tadashi, but there was no body to bury or to cremate, as Tadashi was assumed to have died in the fire.

Negroni further speculated that Disney purposely set up Tadashi to be “Sunfire”, one of the original members of the first ‘Big Hero 6’ team and a prominent character in the Marvel universe.

It was also previously reported that a tie-up is being considered with the hit movie “The Incredibles” and according to rumors, as mentioned, the sequel will be titled “Big Hero 6: The Incredibles”, an crossover animation of “Big Hero 6” and “The Incredibles”.

Now, before fans get over excited, Crossmap has reported that a sequel to “Big Hero 6” was not Disney’s priority as of the moment. With “Finding Nemo,” “Frozen” and “Wreck It Ralph” slated to have their respective sequels, Disney sure have its hands full.

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