‘Big Hero 7’ Movie Update: Baymax is the Villain? Darker Costumes Hint a Grim Storyline?

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
‘Big Hero 7’ Movie Update: Baymax is the Villain? Darker Costumes Hint a Grim Storyline?

“Big Hero 7” rumors are rampant with a recent release of a new line of toys featuring dark versions of our favorite characters. The line, called “Big Hero Stealth Team” shows everybody from Baymax to Fred in black costumes, leading to massive speculation of a darker sequel for “Big Hero 6.” Is Tadashi going to return? Will the X-Men show up? Read on to find out more.

Bandai released the toys, which are basically repaints on the original costumes of the “Big Hero 6” merchandise, The BitBag reported recently. Fans have taken it as an indication for a “grim plot in the sequel.”

The “Big Hero 6” sequel will likely see the return of Tadashi as ‘Sunfire,’ a mutant capable of absorbing and releasing energy. That will also explain the character’s apparent death in the first movie. One of the surest indications of Tadashi not being dead in “Big Hero 6”, was Baymax who kept indicating that Tadashi was there even after the fire that supposedly killed him.  But whether he and Hiro will team up or fight against each other is still a matter of debate. The darker costumes might symbolize an antagonistic relationship between the brothers.

As Movie News Guide reported recently, a crossover possibility between “X-Men” and “Big Hero 6” is not to be ruled out, especially as ‘Sunfire’ was a part of the original “Big Hero 6” group in Marvel Comics. The character’s run-in’s with “Wolverine” are also part of comic book canon. But maybe hoping for an animated Hugh Jackman for “Big Hero 7” is too optimistic yet.  

“Big Hero 6” made $652 million worldwide in addition to winning the Academy Award for ‘Best Animated Feature.’ The sequel, “Big Hero 7” is likely to premiere in 2017.

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