Why Big Hero 7 Plot Should Follow Tadashi Back from the Dead

By Janine | 1 year ago
Why Big Hero 7 Plot Should Follow Tadashi Back from the Dead
Why Big Hero 7’s Plot Should Follow Tadashi Back from the Dead

Disney’s Big Hero 7, the sequel to Big Hero 6, is apparently in the works. And to make things interesting, director Chris Williams says that he is only going to direct a sequel if they can find a great story.

What could be a better story for Big Hero 7 than seeing the return of an old character from Big Hero 6. Is big brother Tadashi coming back from the dead? There is a huge possibility that he still lives. If Professor Callaghan can fake his own death in the first movie, maybe Tadashi did too.

Tadashi is possibly in hiding after suffering burns and wounds from the great fire Callaghan causes. After learning of Callaghan’s treachery, Tadashi feels a huge pang of betrayal. This sends him to the darkest parts of the city and sets to work on an evil Baymax.

While everyone else thinks that Tadashi is long gone, Hiro still hopes for his brother to come back. Remember that Baymax has the capability to sense physical measures around him. He can isolate physical and chemical characteristics of a person if he is within range.

That is how they capture Callaghan. And when Baymax says “Tadashi is here,” that is a teasing clue for what is to come. While Disney movies like Frozen focus on sisterhood, Big Hero is all about brotherhood and teamwork.

Big Hero 7 is possibly a story of revenge and brotherhood. Hiro is going to have to fight the biggest fight ever. According to Latin Post, Tadashi may just come back as Sunfire. In the comics, Sunfire is an original member of the Big Hero 6 comics. He has the ability to generate super blasts of plasma.

This holds a great possibility because Tadashi did suffer a fiery circumstance. The character could just be “playing with fire.” The greatest story of all, if Williams is still looking for one, is the challenge between brothers.

Is Tadashi going to destroy everything including his brother for the betrayal he feels from Big Hero 6? Why should Disney bring Tadashi back? Because it is going to be a true test of loyalty and brotherhood.

Watch out for more Big Hero 7 to hit theaters sometime in 2018.

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