Big Stars on Board for HBO’s WestWorld

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Big Stars on Board for HBO’s WestWorld
Sir Anthony Hopkins at Tuscan Sun Festival 2009 in Cortona, Italy. Wikimedia Commons/Jaqen

HBO is cooking up a new sci-fi TV series entitled “WestWorld.” With the TV show already underway, new characters have been revealed. Read further to find out who the big stars that will join the cast of “Westworld.”

“WestWorld” is a 70s classic sci-fi movie, which HBO has adapted into a TV series. One of the main characters of the show is Evan Rachel Wood (“True Blood”) who will play the role of Dolores Abernathy, an ordinary farm girl in the WestWorld park who is oblivious to the fact that she is actually part of the park’s programming. Her character might also fall in love with James Marsden (Cyclops, “X-Men”), but this is still not confirmed yet because he is still in talks to play the said role.

The show also has Anthony Hopkins (“Silence of the Lambs”) who will play the role of Dr. Robert Ford, the man responsible of Delos.

This show was inspired by Michael Crichton’s 1973 sci-film movie, which was set in an amusement park, and it hails from J.J. Abrams’ “Bad Robot.” Jonathan Nolan (“Person of Interest”) is the creator of the show together with writer Lisa Joy Nolan and producer Herry Weintraub and Warner Bros. TV.

“WestWorld” was already confirmed 2013, but it has now been greenlighted to pilot with Hopkins and Wood as part of the show. The show will keep the movie setting.

With such huge stars starring in this upcoming sci-fi TV series on HBO, it’s enough to get us excited and keep us interested. More details about the show are still being kept under wraps, but we know that sooner or later, more will be revealed. We just can’t wait for its official trailer because we know it’s going to be epic with the geniuses behind the show and awesome cast. This is definitely worth waiting for!

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Jaqen


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