Bigbang Member T.O.P Loses Massive Followers Due To Dating Rumors With F(X) Krytal Jung?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Bigbang Member T.O.P Loses Massive Followers Due To Dating Rumors With F(X) Krytal Jung?

BigBang member T.O.P suffered from a massive unfollowing on Instagram! Is it all because of his recent dating rumor with f(x) Krystal Jung?

BigBang member T.O.P has a huge follower all over the world. He’s not just a rapper but also an actor who’s been loved by many women. However, it seems like there are fans who grew tired of the 26-year-old Hallyu star. Does it really have something to do with f(x), Krystal Jung?

According to Koreaboo, T.O.P’s official Instagram account go through a huge loss of followers and luckily it has nothing to do with his dating rumors that KPop Starz reported.


T.O.P was linked to his fellow singer, Krystal but, fortunately, the rumors has nothing to do with this because if not, it will surely frustrate a lot of VIP’s. We all know how far can a fan go when they know their bias is being bash, right?

Moving on, the site reported that ever since the rapper and actor joined Instagram, just eight months ago, he has shown to be so in love with taking photos and letting out his 4D sides.

As of writing, he already has 847 posts to be exact with at least 100 posts  in his first day of activating his account! He surely is a photo lover!


As expected from the weirdest member of BigBang, T.O.P did not let his 4D world escape from his persona in his account. He undoubtedly made his profile too unique to be true. Well, it’s not actually unusual for him to be like that as we know how dorky he is; besides, it is his first time to have his very own account!

However, though some fans find his updates amusing, others got tired and expressed their disgusts and shock on his odd photos—a series of photos that focused on pig’s bottom and face.

In order to clarify T.O.P’s recent updates, “his agency had to release a statement,” reports Koreaboo.

A representative from YG Entertainment stated that “It’s not been hacked” and they are still checking about the previous images that the artist posted.

Photo Source: Facebook| T.O.P BigBang

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