BIGBANG Met Their Cutest Fan Choo Sarang Again In Their Waiting Room For The ‘MADE In Japan’ Concert Tour!

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
BIGBANG Met Their Cutest Fan Choo Sarang Again In Their Waiting Room For The ‘MADE In Japan’ Concert Tour!
BIGBANG Met Again Their Cutest Fan; Choo Sarang Dropped By In Their Waiting Room For The “MADE In Japan” Concert Tour

BIGBANG has a large fanbase ranging from different nationalities and age brackets. One of their most avid fans includes Choo Sarang. The boys have seen her again in their recent concert in Japan. Did the little girl become too much excited or too much shy? Well, they are a huge KPop group after all!

According to AllKPop, Choo and her father visited the group in their waiting room while they are in their concert. Choo Sung Hoon took a picture of his child alongside with the quintet group. The little kid is known to be very outgoing and dynamic, especially in the TV shows she has appeared. Apparently though, her character becomes timid in the presence of BIGBANG.

Her shyness towards the group is understandable. They are one of the hottest, cutest, most talented, most charming, and most appealing Hallyu stars of the present generation. They fire up the stage with their performances and melt hearts with their simplest smiles. Anyone who would come across with this opportunity will be unsure with their actions in front of them.


It can be recalled that G-Dragon showed his admiration to Choo before. According to KPopStarz, in an episode of “Superman Is Back” of KBS 2TV, the two have met and her action is similar to how she met the group. The episode entitled “The Great Dad” showed the BIGBANG leader adoring the little kid so much.

He said to her, “Sarang, I’m thirsty can you get me some ice water?” Choo didn’t respond at once but she stepped towards the fridge and fetched him the water he needs. She was wearing a white dress and became very shy around him. Everyone in the set laughed at the way she acted.

The charm of BIGBANG continues to captivate hearts around the world and from all walks of life. For sure even Choo Sarang grows up, she will remain as their avid fan.

Photo Source: BIGBANG/Facebook

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