Biggest Wardrobe Malfunctions We Won’t Forget in 2014

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Biggest Wardrobe Malfunctions We Won’t Forget in 2014
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Atenta Mira Dispara | Actress Kristen Stewart From (The Twilight Saga) in October 2008, 29 October 2008.

On a daily basis, celebrities have to make sure that they always look their best whenever they step out of their house. But every now and then, there are some wardrobe malfunctions that may occur out of nowhere. Unfortunately for them, these wardrobe malfunctions tend to be overly sensationalized by the public.

Here are some of the most memorable wardrobe malfunctions of 2014:

Jennifer Lawrence

Last year, Jennifer Lawrence went through the horrible ordeal of having her nude photos accessed by hackers. But shortly after the issue emerged, JLaw had a nip slip. As the actress was leaving the after party for the London premiere of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” on Nov. 10, 2014, JLaw’s low-cut dress revealed a peek of her nipple. This occurred when the actress sat down in her car while Lorde was sitting right beside her.

Kristen Stewart

While she was onstage at last year’s Hollywood Film Awards, Kristen Stewart had a nip slip. Her (then) boyfriend Robert Pattinson was at the venue when the mishap occurred.


As Beyonce was performing at the Clinton Global Initiative Citizen Festival held in September, the Queen B’s blouse failed to stay put as the R&B singer jumped up and down. The result, however, was not as catastrophic as Kristen Stewart or JLaw’s nip slip. Beyonce’s wardrobe malfunction revealed a tan bra during her performance.

Nicki Minaj

While Nicki Minaj was on set for an interview with Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” the singer’s areola decided to make its own appearance… on live TV.

Lea Michele

Back in May, Lea Michele went through a side-boob wardrobe malfunction at the FOX upfronts event in NYC. Looks like the “Glee” actress forgot her fashion tape!

Mariah Carey

On her “Elusive Chanteuse Show” held in Shanghai last October, Mariah Carey wore a black latex dress. Unfortunately, her curves were too much for the dress, which looked like it could burst open at any minute.

Kate Middleton

It looks like even royalty cannot escape wardrobe malfunctions. While in Australia last April, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, had an embarrassing moment when her rear was put on full display.

Which celebrity wardrobe malfunction were you able to witness? Share your story with us!

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Atenta Mira Dispara

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