Bill Cosby’s Return to NBC Is Finalized as the Show Picks Writer

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Bill Cosby’s Return to NBC Is Finalized as the Show Picks Writer
Dr. William H. “Bill” Cosby speaks at Frederick Douglass High School during his visit to the school. Wikimedia Commons/Mr. Scott King

Bill Cosby, the television icon who became a father figure for children watching his shows in the 1980s, is returning to the small screen. NBC has officially laid out the production of his new comedy that will be scheduled in the network’s 2015 programming. The show just hired its head writer for the pilot. Read further to learn more about this news story.

Back in January, Deadline reported that Bill Cosby was in talks with NBC for a yet-untitled project that will reunite him with Tom Werner, who worked with him on the popular ’80s series “The Cosby Show.” The concept of the upcoming comedy would be about another family sitcom and several writers were asked to pitch their ideas. NBC finally decided this August to hire Mike O’ Malley to write the pilot. The scribe is also an actor, whose previous work includes the couple comedy “Yes, Dear,” which aired from 2000 to 2006, and “Glee.”

According to Deadline, the Cosby project will focus on Jonathan Franklin as the family patriarch who will impart his wisdom and tough love to his daughters, their husbands and their children as they go through the complexities of modern life.

Mike Sikowitz, who worked on “Rules of Engagement,” has been assigned as the showrunner, with O’Malley serving as executive producer. The two are still attached to development projects on top of this Cosby sitcom, with O’Malley doing a basketball comedy series, “Survivor’s Remorse,” with Starz and Sikowitz doing the family sitcom, “The McCarthys,” for CBS. It’s also been reported that if schedules will allow it, O’Malley may also star in the Cosby sitcom as one of the daughter’s husbands.

Bill Cosby has not done primetime comedy since 2000, but the actor has been making appearances in the comedy scene since his retirement from the small screen. He was most recently featured in a special, “Bill Cosby: Far from Finished,” which aired on Comedy Central in 2013.

And that’s the news on the upcoming family comedy featuring Bill Cosby, with Mike O’Malley as the pilot episode’s head writer. It will be set for airing on NBC in 2015. Follow updates about this series only here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Mr. Scott King

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