Bill Murray helped Emma Stone during the making of “Aloha” movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago

Emma Stone and Bill Murray got closer while shooting the “Aloha” movie. Andrew Garfield’s lady love revealed that the veteran actor has been very supportive of her on set.

During an interview with Yahoo! Movies, Emma Stone revealed some sweet titbits and moments she had during the shoot of the film. According to the “Superbad” actress, she was having some serious acne issues because of lack of sleep and other reasons she mentioned in her interview. Seeing this Bill Murray would bring the actress some or the other thing in order to make her feel better.

Of the small presents that the Bill Murray would bring for her, some of them would either be a visor or a slipper, a keychain from a concert, a packet of Maui Onion potato chips etc. A gesture the actress thought was really sweet and only adds to the numerous other happy incidents that the veteran actor has to his credit.

Ever since the movie has opened in domestic theatres, it has gained mixed reviews from critics and audience. Most of them have appreciated director Cameron Crowe’s beautiful scenic shots that have captured parts of Hawaii but have called Cooper’s ability to play a man who is likeable which he has incorporated into playing the character. McAdams’s character as Tracy is said to have a hint of confusion within her wanting to have a closure with Cooper’s character. Stone’s character is someone who is over enthusiastic and over eager about most things.

“Aloha” a movie starring Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone and Bill Murray in lead roles has just been released recently. The movie has Bradley Cooper play the role of Brian Gilcrest, a Defense Contractor, Emma Stone as Allison Ng, an Air Force Pilot along with Rachel McAdams as Tracy Woodside, Cooper’s former lover and Bill Murray as Aerospace Billionaire Carson Welch, Bradley’s boss.

The movie talks about how Bradley’s character that has lone wolfed all the way finds someone he can confide in not before being too skeptical about it. The movie is a romantic comedy and after having released recently has opened to mixed reviews.

With each passing day, movie will have varied responses but after all its all about enjoying a movie isn’t it?

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Photo source: Facebook/Emma Stone

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