Billboard’s Top Album Sales

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Billboard’s Top Album Sales
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Billboard has released their list of albums that topped its chart. From Taylor Swift to Queen Elsa, let’s breakdown the top 10 albums.

Taylor Swift – “1989”

Taylor Swift’s crossover to pop has not only solidified her as a musician but has also reached a lot of fans even more. Debuting at the top spot, Swift’s most successful album has been on the charts for 13 weeks.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” – “Mixtape Vol. 1”

It is very rare for a successful film to have an equally successful original soundtrack. But “Guardians of the Galaxy” have managed to this. Peaking at top spot and sliding down to the sixth spot, the OST has jumped back to the seocnd spot and has been enjoying its place on the chart for 23 weeks.

“Into the Woods” – “Into the Woods Soundtrack”

Another film that is killing it on the box office right now, the soundtrack, riding on movies momentum has reached its peaked spot at number three from its previous position of number 14 three weeks ago.

Nicki Minaj – “The Pinkprint”

Labeled as the rapper’s most personal project, “The Pinkprint” shot at the third spot three weeks ago but has slipped down to the fourth spot.

Sam Smith – “In the Lonely Hour”

British singer Sam Smith is enjoying his fifth place on the chart. The album, which has been on the chart for 29 weeks, has peaked at the second spot and has jumped from its seventh place last week.

J.Cole – “2014 Forest Hills Drive”

The rapper’s third album is his third number one album on the chart. Since peaking at the top spot, after four weeks, the album was on the fourth spot last week and is now on the sixth place.

Ed Sheeran – “X”

Ed Sheeran’s album, “X” peaked at the top spot and has been on the chart for 28 weeks. It fell off the top 10 but managed to climb again with the help of the single “Thinking Out Loud.”

One Direction – “Four”

With their album “Four,” One Direction has once again proven themselves to be one of the most successful boy bands in the world. Peaking at number one and from its previous position at number 5, the album has been on the chart for seven weeks.

“Annie” – “Annie Soundtrack”

With the release of the movie “Annie,” its original soundtrack also went up the chart. Breaking the chart on the ninth spot from number 28, the album has been on the chart for five weeks.

“Frozen” – “Frozen Soundtrack”

We can’t just let it go. The movie’s original soundtrack has stayed on the charts for 58 weeks and has enjoyed its place on the top spot.

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