Billy Ray Cyrus Chats about Patrick Schwarzenegger amidst Cheating Scandal

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Billy Ray Cyrus Chats about Patrick Schwarzenegger amidst Cheating Scandal
Billy Ray Cyrus playing on his guitar

When a guy hurts a girl, especially more so if they’re romantically linked, he should definitely steer clear of her house, in case her father is all up and ready with a shotgun. But it seems Patrick Schwarzenegger didn’t need to worry, because Miley Ray Cyrus’ father Billy Ray Cyrus is apparently rooting for him.

TMZ reports of Billy Ray Cyrus being caught on cam while he was out in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 26. Just before he got in his truck, Cyrus was asked to express his opinion on Patrick Schwarzenegger cheating on his daughter Miley while on vacation during spring break. But all that Cyrus said was, “He had fun. He’s a good boy,” before he closes the car door, as if resting his case on the matter at hand.

Though Cyrus’ short reply was rather confusing, especially since he’s known to be quite protective of his daughter, it’s probably safe enough to say that he’s over the subject about Schwarzenegger cheating on Miley.

In any case, Miley herself seems to be slowly getting over the scandal, as she was spotted having a late-night dinner with Schwarzenegger just this Monday, March 23. According to Us Weekly’s report, Schwarzenegger apparently has been trying hard to explain to his girlfriend that the cheating scandal was simply a misunderstanding. But sources say that though Miley has relented on that, she’s still not pretty happy with him and will probably be checking on him more often.

Schwarzenegger got himself into some hot water with Miley and her fan base last week when he was spotted getting rather too close with another girl and apparently even did some body shots on each other.  He explained via Twitter that the girl was merely a friend and that her boyfriend is actually one of Schwarzenegger’s best friends.

Fortunately, things are getting better for both Miley and Schwarzenegger. And with Miley’s dad now warming up on him again, all he has to do now is take extra care on who he’s hanging out with.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/U.S. Navy photo by Matthew D. Leistikow

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