Billy Zane Becomes Amanda Knox’s Defense Attorney In ‘Guilt’ TV Series; Knox Trial Causes Embarrassment To Italy

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Billy Zane Becomes Amanda Knox’s Defense Attorney In ‘Guilt’ TV Series; Knox Trial Causes Embarrassment To Italy
Amanda Knox leaves the prison in Perugia inside a car with Corrado Maria Daclon, secretary general of the Italy-USA Foundation

Cable channel ABC Family has recently added Billy Zane as part of the cast in their “Guilt” TV series, which was inspired by the life of Amanda Knox. Will Zane play the part of an attorney? Read on for more details.

“Titanic” actor Billy Zane, 49, would be joining the cast in “Guilt” as Stan Gutterie, a U.S. defense attorney who works in London, England.

Gutterie’s law firm expelled him after entering into conflict with various judges in the U.S. He would meet Grace (Daisy Head), an American who was convicted of murder after her Irish friend was found grossly killed in their British apartment, akin to Amanda Knox’s life, Deadline reported.

Other cast included Zachary Fall who plays Luc, Grace’s lover in London; Katrina Law would be playing Olivia, Grace’s older sister. Ryan Cooper would also be playing Molly’s older brother, Patrick.

Amanda Knox Trial: Italy’s Huge Embarrassment

“Guilt” draws inspiration from the life of Knox who was known for being imprisoned wrongfully by the Italian court. Together with ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, Knox was imprisoned four years for the murder of roommate Meredith Kercher.

Kercher was found half-naked and brutally killed, with her throat slit open, resulting to blood loss and suffocation. Both Knox and Kercher shared the same house in Perugia, Italy.

However, due to a lack of clear evidence, Knox, also known as Foxy Knoxy, and Raffaele were released in 2011. The Italian judges were not able to provide an explanation behind Knox and Raffaele’s absolution.

It was also believed that the magistrates were having difficulties on agreeing the right terminology of the motivation, which caused humiliation to the Italy’s justice system. Before they cancelled Knox and Raffaele’s murder case, the court made the two spend almost seven years on trial, Daily Mail reported.

After her release, Amanda Knox immediately left Italy and went back to the U.S.

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