Bindi Irwin, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Winner Reunites With Family

By Sumita Ganguly | 2 years ago
Bindi Irwin, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Winner Reunites With Family

Bindi Irwin became a famous household name overnight when she was declared a winner of the famous show “Dancing with the Stars”. The winner of the season 21 has since then been quite busy fulfilling several commitments. However, it seems that Irwin has finally got some time off.


Bindi Irwin has had the chance of finally returning home to her family after an awesome win on “Dancing with the Stars”. Irwin was visibly happy to be back with her brother, Robert, 12 and Mother, Terri, 51 and was glad to see them at the airport on Thursday. While revealing her future plans, the 17 year old mentioned that she wants to work at the Australian zoo and that no matter wherever she goes, Australia would still be her home. She lives in Queensland with her close knit family.

The young conservationist has convinced her partner in DWTS to come and visit her in Australia. While Derek was the one who was her mentor during her DWTS days, Irwin plans to switch roles this time. She has plans to teach Derek, her partner in “Dancing with the Stars” how to cuddle tigers, be with crocodiles and kiss Koalas.

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Irwin revealed to PEOPLE that it is easier to live at the zoo and learn than doing something online. The reason cited is she has all the tools required at her fingertips which she can refer to easily. Also it helps her to learn a lot. Irwin apparently has earned a college degree online.

Bindi Irwin plans to take up tourism and focus on conservation work which the dancer says she loves the most. It is no surprise that the dancer loves to spend so much time amidst nature and animals considering the fact that her father was the well known Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. Steve was unfortunately killed while shooting for a documentary in 2006.

Photo Source: Facebook/Bindi Irwin


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