Bitten Season 2 Recap: Hell’s Teeth

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Bitten Season 2 Recap: Hell’s Teeth
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Bitten” Season 2, Episode 3 “Hell’s Teeth” showed us how powerful Aleister is.

It turns out that Paige was kind of hard on her younger sister, Savannah, back when they were younger. She used to give her orders all the time and this is when Aleister saw a window of opportunity and took Savannah under his wing, playing with her frustrations. Savannah was blinded with what Aleister offered her so she went with him and he made her eat a piece of candy and since then everything’s changed. It’s like Aleister and Savannah is in sync and they disappeared together.

Back in the present day, the pack was on the run to get to Malcolm and they realized that he was picked up by someone else. The witches came to retrieve Ruth’s ring but Jeremy asked them to give Malcolm first. Ruth then told them about how Savannah was kidnapped by Alesiter right under their nose. So the pack agreed to help them get Savannah from Aleister as well as his human robots in exchange for Malcolm.

Before they could deal with that, Eduardo, Rodrigo’s second-in-command arrived looking for his alpha and Jeremy feigned innocence while Clay and Elena hid Rodrigo’s body and even cut some of his fingers so it would be harder to be identified.

Meanwhile, at Aleister’s office, Savannah heard Rachel screaming and got worried but Aleister reassured her that nothing’s wrong and Rachel is only going through complications due to her pregnancy. Savannah had a vision, which she shared to Aleister about a man in a barn who was also a wolf and then warned him not to go because Malcolm isn’t alone.

Elena now knows Clay’s past and Clay expressed his frustration that Malcolm has slipped away hitting Rodrigo’s body with a sledgehammer. Later on, Ruth casted a spell that will help her connect to Savannah and they found out that Savannah has given Aleister information on how to get to the barn. Savannah then told them about Rachel.

Jeremy arrived at the barn to set up Alesister’s ambush while Bridget arrived with Malcolm. Malcolm begged with Jeremy to get over it because something’s coming for them and he would rather die instead of being held captive there. Jeremy didn’t listen and wants to tie up Malcolm in a chair under the heat of the sun.

Aleister showed up and was more interested in teaming up with Malcolm and then he killed Bridget. It doesn’t end there because he made a huge explosion that the whole pack was stunned to the ground and his human robots arrived to wreak havoc. Elena took over Malcolm while the rest of the pack fought.

Elena caught up with Malcolm and the two struggled until Aleister arrived and figured out that Elena is the strongest wolf in the pack. She charged at him but she was pinned down by his magic. Logan loaded himself inside the truck where the human robots were stashing dead bodies.

Now that Elena has managed to kill Malcolm, Nick took pictures of his dead body as evidence for the Alpha Council while the witches grieve the lost of two witches: Savannah and Bridget.

They found a human robot and tried interrogating her Elena and Aleister’s whereabouts but she just kept on chanting and in the end stabbed herself. Next thing we know, Elena woke up tied up to a gurney somewhere in the compound.

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