Bitten Season 2 Recap: Scare Tactics

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Bitten Season 2 Recap: Scare Tactics
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In the latest episode of “Bitten” Season 2, Episode 2 “Scare Tactics” the wolves had to deal with witches. Read on.

It started off with a flashback. We saw a young Clayton Danvers in his family trailer in Louisiana waiting for his father to arrive who was serving Somalia that time. His mom asked him to play and when he did he came to Malcolm Danvers. He was hungry and chased Young Clay, but luckily he managed to hide but he still got bit in the leg.

Cut to the present day, Malcolm was in Stonehaven’s cellar while Nick and Elena were making snacks for the pack. Elena was determined to kill Malcolm, but he hasn’t still given them information on where Rachel is. Jeremy told her that they need to keep him alive and wait for the Alpha Council’s return to decide.

Meanwhile, Clay has found Doctor Shayhaus. He asked Clay what he knows about the left-hand path witches. Then, he directed him to a woman named Euroba to gather more information.

Malcolm warned Jeremy about something that’s coming for the wolves but Jeremy isn’t baffled by this because no one knows that they exist. Clay got to Euroba’s house but found the witch’s dead body yet he found a blood sigil with something is written on it that reads “The Destroyer Comes. Best put on the kettle.” He went back to the old trailer that they used to live in. He found a local who revealed to him that Malcolm killed his mother. When his father returned from Somalia and found his wife dead and his son missing, he killed himself.

The Spanish Alpha, Rodrigo arrived at Stonehaven and wants to kill Malcolm. By doing so, Jeremy and Rodrigo’s pack will have a bond and will stand united against the Council. However, Jeremy ripped Rodrigo’s throat in front of Malcolm.

They were interrupted by a strange howling of the wind outside and the sky darkened and white mist formed. Logan stayed behind in his wolf form to guard Malcolm while Jeremy, Elena, and Nick split up to check the area. Nick encountered a young witch. She put a spell on him and Jeremy and Elena got distracted by his screams. An older woman used this as a distraction to get to Malcolm but Logan was guarding Malcolm and he chased her out.

After that, everything went back to normal but Malcolm was terrified with what happened that he finally spoke up. He told him that the Rochester house was attacked by humans and he is unsure if Rachel is still where he left her. Clay arrived and told them about the witches and it was Malcolm who killed Euroba.

Elena met Diane, Philip’s sister but it didn’t go well. The boys were trying to do a spell until they found the two witches back again. They introduced themselves as Ruth and Paige Winterbourne, members of The Otherworld. Ruth told them that they have no plans to expose them nor interfere with the wolves and all they want is to get Malcolm to trade him for Savannah, a young witch who’s been kidnapped. Jeremy didn’t let them do so, so Ruth threatened them. The next morning, they found Malcolm gone along with the witches who has left every door and window open.

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