BIZARRE: Michael Jackson Does Moonwalk In Clouds During Lightning Storm!

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
BIZARRE: Michael Jackson Does Moonwalk In Clouds During Lightning Storm!

The “King of Pop” Michael Jackson appeared in the skies over Central Virginia, six years after his death on June 25, 2009. Read for more details.

According to, the combination of clouds and light during the lightning storm on June 23 created an image that looked like Michael Jackson in the skies over Goochland County, Virginia.

Photographer John Plashal took many photos of lightning storm using his storm chaser app installed camera set up outside Satterwhite’s Restaurant in Goochland. Actually, he was unaware of Michael Jackson’s image when he submitted the photos taken to the WTVR CBS 6 Facebook page.

“The image that you see of Michael Jackson just happens to be there,” and “It’s pretty wild,” said Plashal.

The storm chasing photographer was thrilled and delighted to see Jackson’s image in his photo. He said that he is a fan of Jackson. Plashal also added that his 17-year-old daughter Caroline, who is also a fan of Michael Jackson, would be excited to know that her father’s photo has made such a great effect.

John Plashal also recalled how Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video transformed MTV. He further said that the “King of Pop” Michael was “an icon.”

Another importance of this image is that it was on the sixth year anniversary of his sudden death that Jackson made his celestial appearance. The photo was taken on June 23, and the “Man in the Mirror” Jackson’s sixth death anniversary was on June 25. The source also added, “The precise combination of light, lightning and clouds made it look like Jackson was dancing away up in the sky.”

Daily News reported that some fans of the “King of Pop” declare that they could see Michael Jackson performing his signature dance move in the photo.

John Plashal’s photo of storm clouds featuring Michael Jackson’s imagery caused such a stir and is going viral on the internet. The image looked as if the late Jackson is doing the moonwalk in clouds during lightning storm.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Michael Jackson

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