Blac Chyna Gets Future’s Name Inked On Hand But Future Does Not Want To Date Her

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Blac Chyna Gets Future’s Name Inked On Hand But Future Does Not Want To Date Her
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Blac Chyna has unrequited love for Future, and now everyone knows it. She has got Future’s name tattooed on her hand, but Future rebuked her publicly in a subtle manner and said he is single. Since her love is not returned, fans can imagine what she must be going through.

On Oct. 27, Future tweeted to slam rumors about him and Chyna dating. He said he is “single.” What a public embarrassment he made of Chyna? Whether Chyna is imposing herself on him or Future is very ungentlemanly in his behavior, everyone is talking about their relationship.

Future’s tweet came 48 hours after Chyna showed her tattoo on Instagram. Future was annoyed enough and his tweets made it clear that the two are not even dating. What is this happening? Did Chyna send a false image to everyone that she is in love? Or things are another way round. It might be that Future wants to keep the relationship secret. One thing is clear that both Future and Chyna would have to talk to each other about their relationship.


TMZ has reported, Future said, “Single and focusing on what makes me happy.” Future seems to be very angry. He tweeted, “”U kno I dnt f*** wit no rumors.”

Both of them have dated less than two weeks and Blac Chyna has his name inked on her hand. Has Blac Chyna fallen in love with Future madly? According to Hollywoodlife, the two were first seen together after Future’s shows at Echo Stage in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 2, 2015. They were sitting close together in the after-party and which can be colloquially referred as PDA. Chyna was also seen on the sets of Future’s new music video, “Stick Talk.”

The swelling on Chyna’s hand after being inked is still protruding and their relation is history according to TMZ report. Hope everything gets well between Future and Chyna. If they can’t date each other, fans would love to see them at least on good terms with each other.

Photo Source: Blac Chyna/Instagram

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