Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson Offers More Update On His Solo Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson Offers More Update On His Solo Movie

Black Adam is a solo movie that will show Dwayne Johnson’s character in the limelight. He has been announced to be a part of the DCEU. However, not much is known about how his journey will unfold.

Recently, The Fate of the Furious star was asked about the DC projects Shazam and Black Adam at the former movie’s premiere. While he did not reveal anything just yet, he teased a lot of details including a surprise for fans. Here is what he shared at the red carpet.

Two very different movies

MTV News reported that the first thing he shared was that both the Black Adam and Shazam movie will be two very different movies. He elaborated that DC is currently world building and giving both the characters their own solo movies.

He also elaborated that he has had talks with Geoff Johns about the DC universe, following which he hinted that they are world building right now.

Few surprises

On being asked if the studio and the makers have finalized an actor who will play Shazam, he did not reveal much about it but mentioned that there is a surprise coming soon for fans, and this is something he cannot wait to reveal.

This surprise has something to do with his solo movie and if the actor’s comments are to be believed, it is just awesome.

DC World to collide

In between revealing the aforementioned information, when Johnson spoke about world building, he also stated that once both Shazam and Black Adam are done getting their solo movies, they will come together at one point in the future.

This has been hinted at ever since it was announced that Black Adam would be getting his own solo movie in the DCEU. Before he can show up as the main villain in Shazam, DC will give the character an opportunity to shine in his own movie.

Considering he has a big history in the DC universe, his origin will make for a good solo movie. As far as the character coming together with Shazam is concerned, there are chances that other heroes will also face the wrath of Black Adam.

Black Adam in other movies

Just few days back it was reported that Black Adam is being considered as the main villain in Superman’s second solo movie Man of Steel 2. While the report has not been confirmed yet, it has been widely reported that DC is looking to give the supervillain/anti-hero more screen time.

Since Black Adam and Superman have clashed in the comic books, he could make an appropriate villain for the Superman sequel.

Contenders for Shazam

When Johnson was being asked about Shazam, fellow wrestler John Cena’s name came up for the role. Since no name has been confirmed yet for the superhero, many names including Cena’s has been pitched for the role.

Cena is currently being considered as one of the choices for Shazam but some fans have their favorites lined up, too. Joining Cena as one of the contender is Baby Daddy star Derek Theler, who looks more than perfect for the role.

He is of Johnson’s height, is appropriately beefed up, and a fan art depicting him as Shazam has already won fans over. In addition to this, he has been campaigning for the role. However, it remains to be seen whether ends up bagging the role or not.

As far as the Black Adam surprise that Johnson spoke about is concerned, it will be seen in the coming days if anythingabout it will be revealed.

Black Adam does not have a release date yet.


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