Black Box Season 1 Recap: Sweet Little Lies and Who Are You

By Alex | 4 years ago
Black Box Season 1 Recap: Sweet Little Lies and Who Are You
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It’s time for some “Black Box” Season 1 recaps of memorable episodes. Read on for MNG’s “Black Box” Season 1 recap of “Sweet Little Lies” (Episode 2) and “Who Are You”(Episode 3).

“Black Box” Season 1 Episode 2 “Sweet Little Lies” Recap:

According to ABC, “Sweet Little Lies” began with their newest case about a young woman who suffers with the Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS), which gives the patient the thoughts about her head literally exploding. Carrie currently worked as a nanny of a hyperactive kid who has an overbearing mother. One of Carrie’s episodes happened in a supermarket. It lead to her confinement at the Cube.

Dr. Leo Robinson (Tasso Feldman) reassured Dr. Ali Henslee (Aja Naomi King)’s diagnosis that Carrie suffers with the exact syndrome. The only catch was the EHS happened during the patient was asleep, which is not the case with Carrie. Carrie went on to be tested via MRI. Unfortunately, she had another episode and went on a coma-like state. Dr. Ian Bickman’s diagnosis is that Carrie is using cocaine and it was confirmed by Carrie herself. She said that she uses it to stay awake.

Catherine told Carrie that she wanted to help her to control it but Carrie fled. Leo has finally learned about Carrie’s true condition with the use of his hyperactive memory. He revealed that aside from EHS, Carrie has indications of narcolepsy. Carrie was sent again to the Cube in order to avoid endangering the kid’s safety and continue with the treatment. Case closed.

Catherine learned about the case of a former colleague who has been fired. Dr. Raynaud (Edward Herrmann) doesn’t want to live anymore and ingested a bottle of sleeping pills. She rushed him to the hospital. She told him to fight and have a talk with some family members.

Catherine doesn’t want to be like him and asked for help from her therapist, Dr. Helen Hartramph (Vanessa Redgrave). Hartramph told her to fix her relationship with Will (David Alaja) first. She first lied to Will when he asked if she cheated on him while she was in San Francisco. With the advice from Helen, she told Will about the truth, but Will left when she admitted it.

Meanwhile, Catherine and Dr. Bickman (Henry Ian Cusick) shared a passionate kiss when he went to her office. She told him that what happened was just a mistake.

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“Black Box” Season 1 Episode 3 “Who Are You” Recap:

According to Spoiler TV, Catherine was informed by Will that he slept with another woman in response to her betrayal. The woman was said to be working as a hostess at his restaurant. Now, that’s what you call a “truce.”

On the other hand, Catherine finally had a bonding moment with her daughter/niece Esme (Siobhan Williams) for her school project, which Regan (Laura Fraser) reluctantly agreed to.

Bickman struggled with his ego as he was tasked to perform surgery on a celebrity. Also, an unbalanced patient arrived at the Cube.

“Black Box” Season 1 Episode 2 “Sweet Little Lies” aired on May 8, 2014 at 10:oo p.m.

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