The Black Canary Rumored to Enter the DC Expanded Universe Soon

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
The Black Canary Rumored to Enter the DC Expanded Universe Soon
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Creating a comic book adaptation, whether it be a movie or a television show, although it is now possible, is still very tricky. Aside from the matter of how faithful the storyline or characterization is as compared to the characters and stories in the comics, there is also the matter of continuity. The MARVEL Cinematic Universe has solved this by allowing their television shows to  co-exist with the main shared universe, with cameos, crossovers, and allusions to events that have happened in their universe. The DC Expanded Universe, on the other hand, has decided to keep their film universe and the television show universe separate, which might allow some iconic characters to shine more on the big screen compared to their smaller screen counterparts. One such character that might benefit from this is the Black Canary or Dinah Laurel Lance, who is currently being portrayed by Katie Cassidy on the CW show “Arrow”. Read on to learn more about this story.

Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance and Black Canary has been a subject of contention for quite some time. It was due to how the character was written and how she is being characterized, as compared to her comic book counterpart. In fact, most fans of the show prefer the other Canary, her sister, Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), compared to Laurel.


However, recently, according to Cinema Blend and the Latino Review, two actresses are currently being eyed to portray a film version of the Black Canary, which means, that the character might just get a better treatment when she appears on the big screen.

Doing this will not cause any form of confusion with regard to continuity, as Screen Rant reminds fans and viewers that the DC Expanded Universe is very much different from the television universe. It will allow the creative team of the films to be able to be, hopefully, a little bit more faithful to the source material.

However, Screen Rant also pointed out that this also might lead into a change into Team Arrow’s lineup on the CW show as a lot of fans are not very happy about the portrayal of Laurel in the series.

According to Screen Rant, the fact that the creative teams of the films are eyeing, according to Cinema Blend and the Latino Review, actresses Abby Lee and Alona Tal, are signs that indicate that a film in which the Black Canary will be in it is in the DC Expanded Universe’s future.

They also pointed out that this might mean a more faithful iteration of the Dinah Laurel Lance Black Canary as her iteration is the most iconic one.

It has also been speculated that this also might bring in a “Birds of Prey” film, which is more female driven. It was especially as actress Jenna Malone is now being rumored to portray Barbara Gordon or Batgirl, in the upcoming “Batman v. Superman” film, and as characters such as Katana will be introduced in the highly anticipated “Suicide Squad.”


Bringing on a more faithful version of the Black Canary into the DC Expanded Universe will be a welcome thing to fans of the character, and especially the Dinah Laurel Lance Black Canary, as this might also pave the way, after “Wonder Woman”, into more female superheroine driven DC movies in the future.

Who would you like to see as Dinah Laurel Lance? Would you want to see the Black Canary on the big screen? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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