Black-ish Recap: Andre from Marseille

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Black-ish Recap: Andre from Marseille
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Black-ish” Season 1 Episode 14 “Andre from Marseille” aired last Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. Zoey introduces her first boyfriend to the family. Dre didn’t like him and dislikes the guy even more when he breaks up with his perfect daughter. Find out what happened in the episode in the recap below.

Every morning, Dre (Anthony Anderson) looks forward to driving his daughter to school. He believes they have a special connection because they are too much alike. This particular morning, Zoey (Yara Shahidi) talks to her father about this cool guy Andre. But when Dre sees that he’s white and French, he instantly dislikes him. Never mind if they have the same first names.

At work, Dre cannot over the fact that his daughter is dating a white boy. His co-workers think it is cool, like ebony and ivory. Dre clarifies that he doesn’t have a problem with white people, but wouldn’t it make more sense if Zoey’s first boyfriend is a black dude, just like her father? When his co-workers learn that Andre is from France, they warn him about the French thing. Didn’t he know they’re the erotic pioneers?

At home, Dre is freaking out to Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) and she laughs at the ridiculousness of it. She reminds her husband that they have to trust their daughter so that she can learn to trust herself around guys. She’s going to keep dating anyway. They decide to invite Andre over for Dre’s peace of mind. Meanwhile, Dre spots gray hair on Bow and it’s not on top of her head. She’s embarrassed by it, but Dre assures her she’s still a gorgeous aging woman.

So, it’s time to meet Andre and the other boys in the family, namely Junior (Marcus Scribner) and Jack (Miles Brown). They also echo their dad’s sentiments because they don’t like Zoey’s boyfriend, too. Everyone is at the living room talking to their guest and Andre charms Bow so well, she’s actually giggling at him.

But then, Zoey is right. Andre is the coolest guy. His father is on Doctors without Borders and he usually helps him do missionary work in Guatemala whenever school is out. Plus, he knows magic tricks! It’s an all-out charm offensive!

Dre is threatened. So, he rounds up his sons to stalk Andre on Facebook. There are pictures of Zoey and Andre holding hands and kissing. Dre freaks out. So, he knocks on his daughter’s room to tell her to slow things down with Andre. But he finds out, the guy broke up with Zoey. How dare he, right? His daughter is perfect! Zoey’s depression is affecting Dre.

The boys still continue stalking Andre for their dad and they learn that Andre has a new girl. Guess what? She’s also black. Dre is now wondering — if Andre is so into black girls, why is their daughter not good enough? Junior has the answer. It’s because, as he learns from Andre himself, Zoey is shallow.

At work, Dre talks to Charlie about Zoey getting dumped because she’s shallow and his co-worker actually isn’t surprised. Sometimes, Dre gets a little shallow himself. They really are so much alike.

Charlie advises Dre to tell Zoey the truth about their breakup, so she would be aware. But Dre doesn’t do that, instead, he takes her shopping. But then, sensing that Zoey still wonders why Andre broke up with her, Dre finally talks to her about it. But you know what? Zoey is relieved to learn the reason. She thought Andre didn’t want to be with her because she’s ugly. She’ll take shallow! Father and daughter shops for more stuff then.

The next day, Zoey invites a new guy over at home. Derrick is black and dresses exactly like Dre. But despite that, the father still doesn’t like this new guy. Bow tells him that no boy will probably be good enough for Dre. But when he learns that Derrick plans on getting into advertising when he’s older, Dre, who’s an ad man, finally sees that he could be the right guy for Zoey.

Meanwhile, Bow talks to a friend at work about finding gray hair in her lady parts. Her friend says it’ll happen pretty fast. Later, she goes to get waxed in the spa with Diane. The young girl asks her if she should also be doing this when she’s older, in the name of beauty. Bow realizes she should learn to love her gray hairs and accept things as they are.

That’s the recap for “Black-ish” Season 1 Episode 14 “Andre from Marseille” which aired last Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015, at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. Keep visiting Movie News Guide (MNG) for more about this series.

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