Black-ish Recap: Crime and Punishment [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Black-ish Recap: Crime and Punishment [WATCH VIDEO]
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Black-ish” Season 1 Episode 5 “Crime and Punishment” aired on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. Do parents still spank their children as a form of punishment for misbehaving? Are there merits to being spanked or are kids better off with something else? Dre and Rainbow struggled with this in the latest episode of "Black-ish." Read on for the recap.

Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) nearly had a heart attack at the mall when Jack (Miles Brown) went missing. Turned out, he was only hiding in one of the racks. Apparently, the young boy does this all the time, and no other punishment seemed to work. Bow was so mad that she told Jack that when they would get home, his father was going to spank him.

Dre (narrating): Can you believe her? She got to be judge, jury and made me executioner. Not cool, Bow. Not cool.

Dre (Anthony Anderson) was actually at work when this happened, and Bow just told him about it over the phone. She insisted that Jack needed the good ol’ whooping.

Bow: This hiding thing has got to stop, and Jack needs to be taught a lesson.
Dre: If you want to spank him so bad, why don’t you do it yourself?
Bow: Because you’re the spanker, Dre.
Dre: I did it one time!

It seemed Dre spanked one of the older kids before, and he didn’t want to do this again. He felt really guilty about it. Bow said they needed to follow through with Jack.

Meanwhile, the kids were listening to Junior (Marcus Scribner) talk about how he got spanked once as a little boy, which made Jack even more afraid. Junior said that since he’s 13 now, he’s not getting this form of punishment anymore. But Pops (Laurence Fishburne) said that as long as he has an ass, he was getting spanked. No one is exempted, no one is safe.

Pops: Whoopin’ don’t care what you are. An ass is an ass is an ass is an ass.

At work, Dre asked the others if they had been spanked as children, and they all said they got some form of beating from their parents, some worse than spanking. So from there, Dre decided that he will be doing this to Jack when he gets home, but then all his co-workers were against it, saying that you just do not beat up your own child these days.   

He discussed this further with Bow at home and decided he wasn’t going to go through with it. The truth was, he knew how spanking felt. He got beaten by Pops lots of times even until college. The kids overheard their parents talking and rejoiced that they have gone soft.

The next day, Jack was at it again, hiding from his parents and giving everyone a reason to panic. Dre had enough, and he was about to beat him with his belt. But Pops stopped him because it was not the right time. They were off to school that morning — would he like tears on his car’s leather seat? Alright then. They were going to deal with this later.

The kids huddled again, thinking of a way to help their youngest sibling get out of this mess. The solution? Charm their mom. So, Jack did his magic and was all cute with his bow and tie, while making sure his mom would not forget he was an adorable kid. It worked, though, because later, Bow told Dre she didn’t want their baby spanked.

However, the punishment was set. Appeals were denied. As Jack prepared himself for getting the first spanking of his life by wearing his clothes on a pile, Dre was choosing which belt he would use on his son’s butt. But instead of spanking him, Dre had a serious talk with Jack and told him how much he was disappointed in him. And that’s when Jack cried hard. He came running out of the room to Pops’ arms.

Pops: Come here to Pop-pop, baby boy. (To Dre) I told you to spank him, not crush his spirit! (To Jack) Your daddy is a monster.

The other kids, thinking that Jack was spanked, thought it would be in their best interest to behave as well as they should, lest they risk getting whooped. The episode ended with Bow telling her husband how she was proud of the way he handled this.

And that’s what happened on “Black-ish” Season 1 Episode 5 “Crime and Punishment,” which aired on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. Did you like this week's episode? Check out the video below for a highlight to the episode.

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