Black-ish Recap: Law of Attraction

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Black-ish Recap: Law of Attraction
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Black-ish” Season 1 Episode 11 “Law of Attraction” aired on Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. Did man and woman evolve in their concept of love since the time of the cavemen? This is the premise of the show’s episode this week. Find out what happened in the recap below.

The episode opens with the family watching Zoey’s school play performance of “Romeo and Juliet,” and Dre (Anthony Anderson) reflects about the law of attraction, about why people fall for the wrong person. He thinks he’s pretty lucky to have met his perfect match in Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) despite his parents’ bad marriage. His parents, Ruby (Jenifer Lewis) and Earl (Laurence Fishburne), loved with so much passion, but then they also fought with the same level of passion. Now that they’re divorced, they cannot be in the same room together. But this week, Ruby and Earl are together with family, and Dre’s doing his best to not his parents ruin everything. His parents keeps bickering all through the play and through dinner.

While waiting for their car from the valet outside the restaurant, a guy cuts in front of Bow. Dre is about to get into an argument with him but decides to let it go. Earl (a.k.a. Pops), however, accosts the rude man, and he succeeds in putting him down. Ruby is impressed and decides she’s going back home in her ex-husband’s car.

On the way home, Dre is bothered by his parents, but Bow is distracted, unable to listen to his whining. She’s still thinking about how her own husband didn’t even stand up for him back at the valet. Dre gets her wife’s vibe and returns home disappointed in himself. Why didn’t he face up to that rude man?

The next day, Junior gets an email from school. The part for Romeo is up for grabs as the lead and understudies are all down with something. He’s pretty excited coz he realizes that he’s the actor next in line, and with Zoey in the cast, they’re like the Hollywood siblings, the Gylenhaals! But then, his sister reminds him that she’s playing Juliet; they cannot be playing star-crossed lovers.

Junior: We’re not actually going to be kissing!
Zoey: I might actually kill myself!

At the kitchen, Ruby and Pops are being polite and civil to each other at breakfast, and Dre knows something went down. His parents hooked up last night!

At work, he tells his co-workers what happened so he could some POVs from them. But instead of giving him advice about Ruby and Earl, they were more concerned that Dre played the valet thing wrong with this wife. She may have been turned off by his non-action. Dre goes home thinking it is all fine with Bow, but she finds her fixing stuff in the house, which is supposed to be his chore. When he tries to kiss her, Bow declines, saying she’s all sweaty.

Dre: Bow is seriously not feeling me right now.

Meanwhile, his parents are still lovey-dovey. They’ve just arrived from a picnic and a sunset cruise. How about that? Later, Ruby talks to Bow about the valet incident. She knows Bow has some beef with her husband.

At the living room, Marcus is practicing his lines for the play, hoping Zoey will do it with him. But her sister refuses.

Pops shows the younger kids photos of him and their grandma together, and now they’re talking about their grandparents getting married. Dre confronts his father about this, about letting the kids on when he knows how his parents’ relationship is. But Pops tells him to mind his own business. Didn’t he realize he’s in a lot of trouble with his wife? Now, how will he turn this around?

So, he brings Bow at Larry’s, the place where they first met. It’s in a dangerous part of town, and Dre is counting on having an encounter with someone so that he could man up, and it’ll spark Bow’s original impression of him. But no one is being rude to him at Larry’s, so they went to an alley, where even the stray dog is nice.

At home, Bow tells him that she’s ashamed of how she reacted after the valet incident. A primal part of her did wish Dre took that guy out. Dre, on the other hand, says that he didn’t jump at the chance to beat the guy because now, he’s got so much to lose, should something bad happen to him. He has wife and kids to think about.

Dre: I want you to know that if anything or anyone ever really threatened you and the kids, there is nothing that I wouldn’t do to protect you.
Bow: I know that. I wouldn’t want you to go back to being that person who fights with guys over mustard.

Issue settled!

Meanwhile, the kids just got back from the ice cream shop with Pops and Grandma, where an incident occurred. The oldies fought, and then they made up, all in front of the children. This gets them very confused. So, Dre talks to his parents about his fears, that they’re bringing the same old issues that would affect their grandkids and giving them false hopes.

Dre puts his foot down and boldly asks his father to end this nonsense with his mother. Pops walks away, Ruby chides Earl for not standing up to his son and Bow is so impressed by her husband’s lead that she’s practically smiling during the confrontation.

Finally, at the school play, Junior plays Romeo with Zoey’s understudy, which, incidentally, happens to be Junior himself. It’s a one-man show, and he nails it!

That’s the recap for “Black-ish” Season 1 Episode 11 “Law of Attraction,” which aired on Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. What do you think of this episode? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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