Black-ish Recap: The Prank King [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Black-ish Recap: The Prank King [WATCH VIDEO]
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Black-ish” Season 1, Episode 6 “The Prank King” aired on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014, at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. Halloween has always been Dre Johnson’s favorite holiday. But this year, something seemed off. Find out what happened in the episode with the recap below.

Dre (Anthony Anderson) always looked forward to Halloween because it’s when he displays his killer decorating skills with the scary and wacky stuff that’s all over the house. It’s also the one time they all participate in the Johnson family tradition of “pranking the living crap out of each other.” Dre saw this as a bonding time for the whole family.

It’s the day before the Halloween, and already, Dre and Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) pulled their first prank together towards the kids, pretending to beat up a baby (it’s fake). Meanwhile, Bow declared that she had been planning on beating Dre this year. The Prank King had to be unseated, but it would not be too easy.

That night, there was a strange noise from downstairs, and Dre picked up his iPad to check the cameras. It was the only time Bow learned that there were cameras all over the house, including the fridge. The noise, however, came from the kids, Diane (Marsai Martin) and Jack (Miles Brown), who asked if they could sleep in their parents’ bed as one of them had a bad dream. When they were settled on the bed, the kids thought that peeing on it would be a wacky prank, but this only made Dre and Bow a bit mad. Time for a family meeting!

Because the younger kids were confused about what prank was okay and what was not,  Dre said that they needed to learn from the eldest, Zoe (Yara Shahidi). But she expressed that she was not feeling the pranks anymore.

Dre: What?! You're the only one who inherited my pranking gene!
Zoe: I've kind of outgrown it. I'm 15. I'm out!

At work, pranking was also encouraged and tolerated during Halloween in Dre’s department, and he had one co-worker who does it really well — Josh (Jeff Meacham). Now, Dre didn’t like Josh all that much, but he did pull the funniest pranks. The one issue Dre had, however, was that Josh didn’t think black people enjoyed pranking that much.

But from Josh, Dre got the idea that maybe Zoe will be able to feel the spirit of the tradition again if she saw him pranking Junior (Marcus Scribner), Zoe’s favorite victim. Only, Zoe was still unconvinced and uninspired. To be honest, she thought the prank on Junior was mean. She told her dad to grow up. Worse, Junior also wanted out of the pranking. Moreover, the older kids no longer wanted to participate in another Johnson family tradition — the wearing of the wacky costumes.

Bow: Don't panic. We can still make it work with the little ones.

But they were supposed to go as the Jackson 5, so with Zoe and Junior out, they do not have enough people.  According to Dre, they're not the Jackson 3 plus Janet! This concerned him so much coz he’s realizing that the teenagers were off it, and pretty soon, they will begin missing family dinners. When they will get older, the kids may not be visiting them in homecare anymore.

Bow: Why am I at the home? Can't the kids take care of me?

Back at work, Josh tried to prank Charlie (who was introduced in the episode “The Nod,” air date: Oct. 8, 2014). But Charlie (Deon Cole) punched Josh on the face and broke his nose. So Halloween pranks were officially banned at work because of this incident.

But the thing was, Charlie knew Josh was doing the pranks, and he only pretended so that he can punch him, which was his own prank. Dre had to remind Charlie about the notion that black people can’t really take a joke, so by punching Josh, he just perpetuated the myth.

Back at home, there’s another blow to this Halloween festivities. The younger kids no longer want any candy because they just learned about diabetes at school. With Halloween both at work and at home falling apart, Dre was ready to call it a night.

It was a good thing then that Bow and the kids decided to go to the movies, so Dre was all alone at home to enjoy a bag of candies and a scary movie in his living room. Suddenly, the power went out, and there was a noise somewhere. Dre checked on his iPad to see if there were any suspicious activities around the house.

Turned out, everything was Bow’s doing. She got the kids to become part of her prank to pretend they were over the traditions. She was going to unseat the Prank King, remember? Then again, unseating the Prank King was not so easy because as she was overjoyed about her victory and rejoicing with the kids, someone actually came inside the house and attacked them.

Bow’s first instinct was to counterattack and hit the intruder really hard. But he wasn’t an intruder. He was Josh, and this was the Prank King’s ploy! Dre knew about Bow’s plan from the very beginning. He had the cameras around the house, including the fridge, remember?

Dre: Don't plot against me and forget that there's a camera in the refrigerator. But babe, you really tapped into my biggest fear. The thought of the kids growing up…(turning to his kids) please don't do it for another 15 years, okay?

And there you have it for the recap of what happened on “Black-ish” Season 1 Episode 6 “The Prank King,” which aired on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014, at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. Check out the video below for some of the scenes from the episode.

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