Black-ish Recap: The Talk

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Black-ish Recap: The Talk
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Black-ish” Season 1 Episode 2 “The Talk” aired on Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014, at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. Dre thought it was time to have the sex talk with Andre Jr., while Rainbow failed at becoming their daughter’s confidante. Find out what happened in the recap of the episode below.

The Johnsons were cleaning the garage, and Dre (Anthony Anderson) found an old baseball mitten. He thought it would be a good idea to ask Andre Jr. (Marcus Scribner) to play with him, before he’s too old and his son becomes busy. So he went to Junior’s bedroom to ask him. But as he opened the door, he found the boy masturbating on the bed. It was hard to tell who was more embarrassed about it — the son or the father?

Dre told his wife, Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross), about what he saw, and Bow said that Junior has been doing this for a while. He even asked his mom if he was going to break his penis if he did it too much, which Bow thought was just adorable.

Dre could not believe his son had the talk with his mom, which Bow countered was because he’s too uptight while she was pleasant to open up to. The couple compared their approach with their children, and his wife was actually proud that the kids come to her to talk about stuff. However, Dre noted that Zoe (Yara Shahidi), their eldest, hasn’t been opening up to her, which Bow dismissed. It would only be a matter of time.

At work, Dre asked his boss if he had any advice with how to talk to teenagers about sex, but his boss wasn’t helpful. Back at home, he also asked his father for tips, but he was no help either. His only advice was not to get all caught up in open dialogues with the kids as it wasn’t written in the Bible.

Dre: Pops, how come you didn’t give me the talk?
Pops: I most certainly did. What do you think that box of condoms I left in your bedroom was about?
Dre: That was it?
Pops: What? You wanted a hug too?

It was time to get the sex talk on. At first, Junior protested, telling his dad that his mom already did that. Dre reasoned that it’s different, as they would be talking about this men to men, so he encouraged his son about it. Alright, then…

Andre Jr: What’s it like having sex?
Dre: Whoa…you’re just gonna jump right in there son, huh?

He proceeded to tell him tips about grooming, fitness and dating instead.

Andre Jr: Dad, I appreciate all these dating advice, but I heard some kids talking about oral?
Dre: Hmmmm….okay….I would stay away from that. You know…kid like you with wheat allergies…

Dre was getting mighty uncomfortable with Junior’s questions, but he was able to handle it at first.  As the days went on, Junior would always came to him to discuss stuff. Dre should be really pleased with himself, because he proved his wife wrong as the boy was opening up to him. But the truth was, he was getting tired of his son’s questions and statements. The boy was oversharing!

By the end of the episode, he confronted his son about this, telling him that while he loved Junior, it would be best to have all these day to day talk with his mother instead as she’s better at it. He’s just going to be there for the big stuff, though.

Meanwhile, Rainbow had her share of problems with having a different kind of talk with Zoe. Her daughter finally opened up to her. But then she spaced out and completely missed what her issue was because she was gloating about the fact that the kids come to her, and not Dre, for advice.

Rainbow to Dre: I hit an all-time low with Zoe. Could’ve been her bestie. Blew it. Twice.

It was a good thing then that Pops was around, because Zoe came to him to talk. When Rainbow asked him what it was that Zoe confided, Pops said that he really didn’t understand it. He just listened and gave generic advice in a deep soothing voice. Basically, Pops “Morgan Freemaned” Bow’s daughter.

And that’s it for “Black-ish” Season 1 Episode 2 “The Talk,” which aired on Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014, at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. How are you liking this show so far?

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