Black Lives Matter Activists Take On Rebel Wilson Over a Joke At the VMAs

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Black Lives Matter Activists Take On Rebel Wilson Over a Joke At the VMAs

In a strange turn of events, Australian comedian-actress Rebel Wilson may have vexed the Black Lives Matter Activists with her comical jocularity about the stripper police. Read on for more details.

Police Brutality is the problem of the hour in the United States and one cannot deny the fact that it shows the police outfits in a bad light. It was perhaps for this reason that Black Lives Matter activists were miffed when the Australian jokester failed to touch upon the topic when she was talking about the police at the VMAs recently.

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Instead of talking about police brutality, Wilson side-stepped into the hilarity of stripper police and how they had failed to entertain her grandmother at her 80th birthday. “F*CK the stripper police!” Her tee shirt declared to the laughing audience.

Wilson got into the act complaining about people having problems with the police when it was really the stripper police that was the real problem. She lamented the fact that the stripper police come to her house and she expects them to arrest her when all they deliver is an uninspiring lap dance.

Quick to respond, Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson wrote on Twitter, “.@RebelWilson/@MTV, police violence isn’t a joke, as the deaths of #TamirRice, #RekiaBoyd, #FreddieGray, #MikeBrown, & #MyaHall remind us.” Point well taken, Mr. DeRay! But this was supposed to be Rebel Wilson’s comedy act night, and it is hard to get people to laugh about police violence especially if there have been very many deaths because of it.

We suppose DeRay Mckesson also believed that a loved one’s death is seriously unfunny as he tweeted next the question if the police killed someone you love, would it be a funny joke, then?

At any rate, Rebel Wilson got a lot of attention because of the act. I suppose a comedian couldn’t ask for more from a joke.

Salon and NY Daily News reported it first.

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Photo Source: Facebook / Rebel Wilson

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