Black Mirror Christmas Special Airing Date Set

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Black Mirror Christmas Special Airing Date Set
A photo of Jon Hamm in 2010. October 4, 2010, 20:12 Wikimedia Commons/Angela Natividad

Channel 4 in the United Kingdom has finally announced the air date for its “Black Mirror” Christmas special, which stars American actor Jon Hamm. The network also released photos from the said episode. Read on for the details.

First announced back in September, “Black Mirror’s” special Christmas episode, entitled “Black Mirror: White Christmas,” will be airing on Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on Channel 4.

The episode, which features “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm in the lead role, will run for 90 minutes. It will, however, be divided into a three-part story that will carry the same theme reflecting “yuletide techno-paranoia.” The episode will also feature actors Rafe Spall (“The Shadow Line”), Oona Chaplin (“Game of Thrones”) and Janet Montgomery.

“I had been a fan of “Black Mirror and Charlie Brooker, because I have a strange predilection for offbeat British things, and this was no exception. It came about in this very odd way, with me asking my agent if I could meet Mr Brooker. I didn't know he was even working on a third series or a Christmas special or anything, it was simply that I really liked his work and really wanted to meet the guy,” said Hamm in an interview posted on the Channel 4 site, relating to how he got cast for the role in the British production.

Hamm will play Matt, while Spall will play Potter. The two will swap stories about their experiences in the outside world, while they share a Christmas meal together, as they are stationed in an outpost in the dead of winter. Matt, described as a “charismatic American” will try to draw out the secretive Potter from his cocoon.

Matt will also serve as a guide to a young man who is quite inexperienced and will watch as a woman (Oona Chaplin) becomes deeply immersed in the “world of smart gadgetry.” The episode will explore what can actually happen when blocking people in real life, as one does on social media sites.

According to the synopsis, which was posted on Digital Spy, the three-part story will “bound together into a suitably unsettling whole. Fans of eerie Christmas stories are in for a treat…"

Radio Times was first to post photos from the episode, which alludes to different timelines and settings.

Created by Charlie Booker, “Black Mirror” debuted in 2011 to stellar reviews. Its format is different, as the stories are stand-alone, with the show serving as an anthology. The Christmas episode is a special one-off offering. In the United States, the show can be accessed via DirectTV.

We’ll be providing updates and the recap the episode of “Black Mirror: White Christmas.” Check Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Angela Natividad

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