Blackfish a Controversial Documentary

By admin | 4 years ago

BlackfishBlackfish is a new documentary that is done in the tradition of The Cove. It would upset people who love marine creatures. It shows man’s inhumane treatment of mammals continues. It remains commercialized and even includes collateral damage.

The documentary is about how SeaWorld handle the killer whales it has in its facilities and covers up the deaths and injuries to trainers who work with the sea creatures. SeaWorld ships problematic killer whales elsewhere and cover ups its history.

SeaWorld criticized the movie by arguing issues that are not even mentioned in Blackfish. By nature, the way killer whales and dolphins are handled at the aquatic parks are inhumane. The animals are used to roaming around freely but they are tortured by keeping them in captivity. They might look happy but they are not having fun while performing for the crowds.

Viewers of Blackfish must keep an open mind. They should not judge the Orcas as a killer animal that should be punished. In the first place, they would not hurt the trainers if they are not kept in a tank. They belong in the wild and not for the amusement of humans.

Blackfish features footages and interviews with trainers who worked at SeaWorld and their reasons for leaving. It asks the question of whether it is morally right to keep these intelligent animals in captivity. It will have you questioning things you thought you already knew before.

If your eyes are opened by The Cove, Blackfish will do the same. It will make you think about what man will do for money. After watching it, you will talk about it for days and make you wonder why water parks are still open. Blackfish puts the truth out. It shows things SeaWorld doesn’t want the public to see. It gives you a different perspective on the issue.

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