#BlackInkCrew In Hot Seat After Woman Files Lawsuit

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
#BlackInkCrew In Hot Seat After Woman Files Lawsuit
The cast of VH1 reality TV show Black Ink Crew.

VH1 reality show, “Black Ink Crew”, with setting in a tattoo shop in Harlem, NY is now being grilled.

This was after a woman claimed that the tattoo shop in New York has left her skin disfigured, reported WGNtv. The woman identified Asabi Barner. She said she had a cover up for a unicorn horseshoe tattoo she had last year. Barner claimed in an exclusive interview that she went to Black Ink.

Black Ink Crew is a popular reality TV show aired on VH1 where most celebrities had their tattoos done.

The report went on saying, Barner said the primary reason she chose to have her cover up done in the parlor because Black Ink claimed they are the best tattoo shop for African American skin. However, the result was not as what Barner expected after the chest tattoo left her skin disfigured.

She also added that the tattoo appeared “phenomenal” after it was done. However, it did not appear as what it was the day before as the area around her left breast was left oozing with pus, she claimed.

Barner told WPIX that she consulted a South Carolina-based tattoo artist, where she is currently living. The artist said Barner’s skin was overworked after attempts to bring out her tattoo’s white color. Barner said that after a year later, she can still feel pain.

Barner also described her skin having keloids. She said she feels itchy along with a burning sensation. The only relief she would get is after applying ice pack to the area which she said she does every day.

The woman, now in her 30s, said she consulted a plastic surgeon but was devastated after being told that the scar would only worsen if it underwent surgery. She also added, “In the intimate moments, it creates a problem because you don’t have that confidence. I wasn’t overly confident before, but I felt good about myself. Felt good about my body, but it just changes you.”

Now, Barner is filing a lawsuit against Black Ink after claiming the tattoo parlor was negligent, reckless and careless. Meanwhile, WPIX tried to reach Black Ink several times to comment regarding the issue. However, they were not available to comment neither welcomed news crews for interviews.

Meanwhile, #BlackInkCrew currently trends Twitter as the show airs on VH1 after premiering its third season last January 26.

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Photo Source:  Facebook/Black Ink Crew

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