The Blacklist Recap: No. 94: T. Earl King VI

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Blacklist Recap: No. 94: T. Earl King VI
Diego Klattenhoff (Donald Ressler), James Spader (Red), Megan Boone (Elizabeth Keen) The Blacklist Panel at the 2013 Comic Con. Wikimedia Commons/Thibault

The Blacklist” Season 2 Episode 14 “No. 94: T. Earl King VI ” aired last Thursday, Mar. 5, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. In this episode, FBI Special Agent Elizabeth “Liz” Keen (Megan Boone) went undercover in order to infiltrate the auction of the King family after Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) was abducted while trying to save another blacklister, Madeline Pratt (Jennifer Ehle). Meanwhile, Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) went on a new mission. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened two years beforehand, where Francis King (Erik Jensen) placed a gun to his head in a game of Russian roulette. He had lost in the final tally of accounts against his brother, Tyler King (Alex Manette). However, he survived.

In the present day, Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold), went to a friend of his and asked for a new mission. He was then told to go undercover in Germany. He then changed his appearance, which included shaving his head, and having tattoos in Dutch placed all over his body.

Meanwhile, Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) convinced FBI Special Agent Elizabeth “Liz” Keen (Megan Boone) and the task force to help rescue Madeline Pratt (Jennifer Ehle), a former blacklister, from the King family, who was on the list as well. According to Red, this family amassed their fortune by abducting people and stealing priceless items, such as an original Van Gogh from a museum. This would allow the FBI to solve around a century’s worth of cases.

FBIS Assistant Director Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix) then made a deal with a friend of his at the Attorney General’s office in order to get the current location of Sylvio Huratz, the man who abducted Madeline. After informing Red of Sylvio’s whereabouts, Red went ahead to the safe house nicknamed “The Palace.” He went there only to discover that he had walked into a trap. Madeline was used as bait by Francis King (Erik Jensen) in order to abduct Red, who would be featured in the next auction. He was then escorted into the basement. He enjoyed a chat with the patriarch, T. Earl King VI (Jeffrey DeMunn) while they got him ready for the auction. Francis then became confident that he would win over his brother, who had had the Van Gogh stolen.

Meanwhile, at the task force, they detained a woman named Josephine Sullivan. She is the acquisitions manager of Alexi Koskov, a collector of stolen art. Liz then went undercover as her. She was driven while unconscious to the King family estate. Then, she was allowed to pick out some jewelry and clothes to wear for the event that night.

Before the auction started, the guests were told that they had thirty minutes to inspect the items. Liz then saw a young boy, Vincent Peretti of the Peretti family, among the lots. Tyler then started to talk to her, and in order to help her maintain her cover, Red began to talk when she drew near. She then acknowledged him, but told Tyler that she was going to go for the Van Gogh. Both Liz and Red were then surprised to discover that General Yaabari (Sahr Ngaujah), whose compound Red had burned down, was among the guests for that night.

Meanwhile, at the task force, Harold intimidated the old man that had driven Liz to the King estate in order to discover where she was.

Meanwhile, the auction went underway. Tyler became surprised when Liz started to bid against Yaabari for Red. However, Liz had no choice but to slip away after she noticed that her cover had been blown. Alexi Koskov had just informed them that Liz wasn’t Josephine Sullivan. Because of this, Red began to bid on himself, but the Kings disregarded his bids, and sold him to the general. They did it so they could get him off the stage immediately, as they knew that Liz was from the FBI and was after Red.

She then managed to get into the basement, and rescued Vincent. She tried to rescue Red, but he told her to save herself and the boy. Yabaari then came to get him, and was about to shoot him. The man backing him in the auction just wanted Red’s head, when Liz came and shot Yabaari dead. As the two went back upstairs, Vincent managed to run out of the basement, where he was saved by the FBI who had finally arrived.

Red and Liz then went upstairs, where Tyler, the loser, was about to pull the trigger on himself, in a game of Russian roulette. Red then took his gun and shot their father, and looked on as the FBI raided the basement. He took Francis and Tyler away. Outside, Red scolded Liz for her recklessness. It annoyed Liz as she had just saved his life because she cared about him. Red then thanked her, and reiterated that she should never do that again.

Meanwhile, in Dresden, Germany, Tom, now disguised as a man named Christof Mannheim, got into a bar fight that allowed him to ingratiate himself with his target (David Patrick Kelly).

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