The Blacklist Redemption Season 1 Spoilers: Tom May Leave Liz & Agnes for Scottie

By Sangati Jogwar | 2 years ago
The Blacklist Redemption Season 1 Spoilers: Tom May Leave Liz & Agnes for Scottie
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The Blacklist Redemption Season 1 spoilers will reveal whether Tom Keen decides to leave Liz and Agnes for Scottie. The new promo hints at why Tom wants to leave The Blacklist for redemption. The spinoff will also introduce one of the most elusive and elite criminals from the infamous list of Red.

So a lot is going to happen in the spinoff as the criminals come together and form a team to gain some respect for them. However, the major focus of The Blacklist Redemption Season 1 will be mostly on Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold). He will join hands with Susan Hargrave (Famke Janssen), the brilliant chief of the team.

Although Susan is his long-lost mother, Tom is not aware of it. The team will also include Adrian Martinez, Tawny Cypress and Matias Solomon (Edi Gathegi), reports International Business Times.

The Blacklist Redemption Season 1 Synopsis & Recap

The previous episode of The Blacklist showed that the supposed father of Tom, Howard Hargrave (Terry O’Quinn) dies in a plane crash.  However, it is quite contradictory as the promo on YouTube shows that he is very much alive and living a happy life. Rather he will ask his supposed son to join his company so that the two can get closer.

The Blacklist Redemption Season 1

So in the upcoming episode of The Blacklist Redemption Season 1, lot of things is expected to unveil related to the background and family of Tom. He will be joining a private army formed by the people from the infamous list of Red.

Will Tom Leave Liz and Agnes to Join Scottie?

That seems to be the burning question, currently haunting the fans. According to the executive producer of the series, Jon Bokenkamp, for Tom, Agnes and Liz are everything. He does not want to leave them at all. However, there is still something that pulls him into the orbit of Scottie.

As it turns out, Tom is not interested in leaving his family and contacts Scottie without any idea that his involvement with Scottie will deepen so much. Bokenkamp says that it will not be as if you are going to never come back. Rather it would be more as if a person is taking leave of his family for going to work or a soldier going to a war.

And it also means that in The Blacklist Redemption Season 1, although Tom will reconnect with Scottie, something will keep him coming back to Agnes and Liz.  Tom himself thinks that he is just going to be away for a weekend or couple of days. He is not at all aware that he is getting into a very big thing and that too for a long time.

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