‘Blade Runner 2’: Roger Deakins Directing Harrison Ford’s Reprise As Rick Deckard

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
‘Blade Runner 2’: Roger Deakins Directing Harrison Ford’s Reprise As Rick Deckard
‘Blade Runner 2’ movie updates: Will Harrison Ford reprise his role?

Blade Runner” is the one of the richest story of the sci-fi genre. It is a directorial masterpiece of Ridley Scott that is greatly admired for its look and appearance on screen. The latest update about the movie is its sequel which is about to start with director Roger Deakins in summer 2016. Read on to know more about the scoop.

Roger Deakins, the eminent cinematographer will be joining director Denis Villeneuve to shoot “Blade Runner 2” from next summers. The sensational news broke at Cannes by Alcon co-founders and co-CEO’s Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson. The original “Blade Runner” has put up a high benchmark legacy for its sequel. The film is known worldwide as it is 2nd  most visually influential film categorized by Visual Society Effect. It is preserved by United States National Film Registry for being aesthetically and historically significant, as stated by Slashfilm.

The sequel will include the elderly Harrison Ford. He will reappear in his role as Rick Deckard. Director Roger Deakins will face the challenge of justifying the role of Harrison Ford as the first part specified that the replicants live for few years.

“We talked at length about what it could be, and came up with a pretty strong three-act storyline, and it all makes sense in terms of how it relates to the first one. Harrison is very much part of this one, but really it’s about finding him; he comes in in the third act” Ridley previously said as mentioned by IMDB.

Previously they have worked together on films like “Prisoner” (2013) and “Sicario” (2015).  The upcoming “Blade Runner 2” is their third film in collaboration. The sequel in reported to set in a long leap of the timeline, as the original film was made for the year 2019. Furthermore details are expected to get revealed in the upcoming months.

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