Blake Lively reveals enormous engagement ring in a behind the scenes clip for Loreal Paris!

By admin | 4 years ago

Just last month, Loreal Paris, the beauty brand had revealed and elected, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds’ wife to be their spokesmodel. Now, the brand has decided to give us a peak at life before the big reveal.

According to E!News, Blake was at the brand’s lab in Paris. While she was there, the staff prepared all sorts of beauty and skin care products that it is so famous for. Blake Lively was clearly having a lot of fun playing around with different make up and brushes, just experimenting away! All of this while continually showing off her enormous, envious engagement ring that was given to her by her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Blake Lively also mentioned and complimented Loreal about their behind the scene make up lab. She said, “It was a dream come true”.

Check out Blake’s video of behind the scenes with Loreal Paris here.

Source: Beauty World News

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