Blake Shelton Describes His Divorce With Miranda Lambert As ‘Elephant In The Room’

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Blake Shelton Describes His Divorce With Miranda Lambert As ‘Elephant In The Room’
Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have split up and it is official now, but people still like to talk about it and Shelton is well aware of it. During a recent encounter he splashes a joke to share with us. Read On!

According to, Shelton appeared with Set Meyers on Late Night on Tuesday and the 39-year-old country crooner made us feel light about his separation from 31-year-old Lambert. He states that he know that he will face this topic on November 4 during the Country Music Association Awards.

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Talking about jokes, the singer says that there may be awkward moments this year at the event. He is of the view that the award ceremony is like a family and everyone present there is like a friend. It is possible that people may flash joke about him and Lambert. Brad Paisley will be hosting the show and we might expect something from him too.

Meyers moved a step ahead, and he asked Shelton whether it helps him to take care of his personal life as prepares for zingers. Shelton replied in a poetic manner saying that their divorce can be compared to an elephant in the room. They already have loads of conversation on this topic. Still, the things have not died down yet and people will come and ask weird questions on his face.

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According to, the actor of “The Voice” who has been a regular at NBC from a long time moved on the lighter side of things and talked about the rumors floating that connects him to Rihanna. The singing competition that is going right now, Rihanna has been a mentor for people competing in there. Blake Shelton describes Rihanna as a talented and smart person.

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