Does Blake Shelton inspire Gwen Stefani to select country song for ‘The Voice’ finalist?

By Ruma Saha | 2 years ago
Does Blake Shelton inspire Gwen Stefani to select country song for ‘The Voice’ finalist?
Photograph of Gwen Stefani and her contestant “The Voice” finalist Jeffery Austin.

Gwen Stefani is becoming a fan of country music nowadays. This can be felt in her song selection for “The Voice” finalist Jeffery Austin, whom she was mentoring throughout this season. The media buzzes that she must be inspired by her country pop singer boyfriend Blake Shelton.

A report in People Magazines says that the indication of Sheltons’ inspiration on Stefanis’ song selection for “The Voice” finalist is quite prominent. She not only selected country song for this final round but also joined the contestant Jeffery Austin for a duet on country song to give it a country feel.

In the show “ The Voice”, Stefani selected the song “Stay” which is a country song originally sung by “Sugarland”, the country duo. When Jeffery (whom she was mentoring throughout the song) was singing “Stay” with light instrument and red curtain in the back drop, the tune was pure country in flavor. In the final evening  Jeffery also sang “O Holy Night” which is a holiday classic. Then he had a duet with his mentor Stefani  by singing “Leather and Lace,” which is a classic of 1981 by Stevie Nicks and Don Henry.  Their version of duet had a superb country feel when accompanied by simple acoustic guiter.

Hollywood Life says in a report that the love story between Stefani and Shelton developed soon after they started working together on country music. Sheltons’ inspiration helped Gwen to imbibe the country spirit, which is reflected in her tune. This inspiration played a great role in her selection of song for that evening. The report also informs that it was Sheltons’ idea to write a song with Gwen. The proposal was readily accepted by Gwen, who was willing to spend good time with Shelton. Soon, the news of their friendship spread and it didn’t take much time to convert their friendship to a love story.

Phtoto source: Facebook/ The Voice

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