Blake Shelton Reveals Not Eating After Divorce With Miranda Lambert? Will Host Kid’s Choice Awards

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Blake Shelton Reveals Not Eating After Divorce With Miranda Lambert? Will Host Kid’s Choice Awards
Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton is finally opening up about his divorce with Miranda Lambert and the first thing he reveals is about his weight loss journey! Shelton, who’s now dating Gwen Stefani, credits his ex wife for the noticeable weight loss he went through; says that he was too stressed to eat. The Voice judge said that it was an emotional time for him and he just had a couple of beers every day instead of eating. He recently announced he’s hosting the Nickelodeon’s 29th Annual Kid’s Choice Awards next year. Read On!


According to, in a recent interview for Today, the 39-year-old was looking pretty slender and he said it’s not because of any fitness regime that he’s been following. It’s only happened due to the heartbreak of leaving Lambert and the process of moving on. Although the star recently went public about his relationship with Stefani, he says leaving Lambert was still a very difficult thing to do regardless of his involvement with Stefani.

He jokingly said in interviews that now when he notices how much weight he’s lost, he wonders ‘How did I even do that?’ He mentioned that he barely ate out of the stress he was feeling and just had a couple of beers every day.

On being asked if he’s happy with the entire divorce finalizing with Lambert, he said that he was indeed happy now that the entire episode is over. The star, as it turns out, is actually really happy after breaking it off with Lambert.

Also Read: MIRANDA LAMBERT WISHES BLAKE SHELTON BEST LUCK FOR RELATIONSHIP WITH GWEN STEFANI: SOURCES REVEAL reported that Shelton also went on to share a bit more about his upcoming projects, and one of them is hosting Nickelodeon’s 29th Annual Kid’s Choice Awards in March. On being asked why he’d like to try this out, he said he’s keen on doing something with the kids and it will be fun for sure.

It is still uncertain whether Gwen Stefani will be attending the opening ceremony of the awards, but Blake Shelton seems really excited about his new endeavour. What do you predict? Let us know in the comments box below!

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